When to stop baby aspirin for prevention of preeclampsia?!

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Re: When to stop baby aspirin for prevention of preeclampsia?!

Postby Laura-Moakley-facebook » Mon May 30, 2016 10:36 pm

Two weeks before

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Re: When to stop baby aspirin for prevention of preeclampsia?!

Postby alviarin » Mon Feb 29, 2016 08:58 pm

I was told to stop taking baby aspirin two weeks before my planned delivery date. So at 36 weeks. But then we ended up inducing at 37 weeks instead of 38. But at the time no-one was worried it had only been a week since I had stopped.

I would tend to trust my MFM more, since they probably have more patients on baby aspirin, but it sounds like a good thing to discuss with both your docs. Does your OB know that the MFM said to stop at 36 weeks? Does your MFM know your OB said to keep taking it? If I were you I would talk to them both, or at least leave a message/question with their nurses. It is easier when everyone is on the same page.
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When to stop baby aspirin for prevention of preeclampsia?!

Postby BrittanyElder » Mon Feb 29, 2016 02:23 am

I had my son 8 years ago. I was induced around 37 weeks or so with him because my preeclampsia got so bad my blood pressure skyrocketed so she sent me straight for induction. Anyway now I'm 35 weeks and have been on 81 mg a day (1 pill) baby aspirin. My maternal fetal medicine dr says stop taking it at 36 weeks or there could be bleeding problems and I couldn't get an epidural if on it. My other dr said the same but my regular ob says to stay on it til delivery.
Could you please tell me when you stopped taking it or were advised to? Also I'm scared to just up and stop, should I wean? I've been so terrified of everything this whole time so now I'm so scared something bad will happen if I quit taking it but obviously I don't want to bleed to death! There's no info online about when to stop, only when to start!

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