Proteinuria and Preclampsia

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Re: Proteinuria and Preclampsia

Postby laney_p » Fri Nov 03, 640834 4:48 pm

Hey Kita,

Sorry to hear about your current experience with high protein in your urine. It can cause a lot of anxiety to not know what is going on or causing an issue like that while you are pregnant.

There are reasons that you can have protein in your urine during pregnancy without having high blood pressure, which include kidney or urinary tract infections, kidney stones, or kidney disease. Your care providers will likely be running some more tests to rule out what might be happening.

It's great though that you are keeping your eye on your blood pressure. As you may know, your kidneys are very important to regulating blood pressure, so when they aren't functioning well, you can sometimes see changes in the blood pressure readings. That being said, if you are seeing multiple high blood pressure readings, or are experiencing headache, vision changes, swelling in your hands and face or ANY of these other symptoms ... n-symptoms, make sure you notify your doctor immediately.

As Jenh mentioned, if you had kidney issues in a past pregnancy, it may be that your kidneys never quite returned to normal, or that pregnancy puts extra stress on their ability to function. They may refer you to a kidney specialist (a nephrologist) just to be on the safe side.

Send us an update on how you are doing!
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Re: Proteinuria and Preclampsia

Postby kita.crosby-williams » Sun Sep 17, 640834 5:10 pm

My last pregnancy was in 03, daughter is13 now. I did have a kidney infection while pregnant with her but no other issues since. Baby did well on breathing test today, she is active and has been kicking quite a bit. I was considered prediabetic before getting pregnant and was told to watch my diet but that's pretty much all that has happened before this point.

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Re: Proteinuria and Preclampsia

Postby jenh » Thu Sep 07, 640834 7:10 pm

Have you had PE in a previous pregnancy? It could be that your protein never returned to normal, and this is your normal. It's also possible that you have some form of kidney disease that hasn't been diagnosed yet. If you continue to have problems, you may want to see a kidney specialist now or in the future. Has your doctor told you what symptoms to look for, when to call in, and when to head straight to the hospital? Are you doing kick counts? Is baby active?
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Proteinuria and Preclampsia

Postby kita.crosby-williams » Tue Sep 05, 640834 8:13 am

I have been having protein in my urine for going on 2 months now and they are saying they don't think it is preeclampsia but just proteinuria alone. Is this possible? ]

One of the nurses had the nerve to say to me that I don't look preclamptic, it doesn't have a look last time I checked.

24 hour urine, first one was 388.2 mg of protein and the second one was 449 mg of protein. There have been 1+, 2+ and even 3+ readings, most recently, every test is 2+

My doctor said that it would keep increasing. I have been having back pains, kidney pains and they have given me antibotics and mostly have stated that they think it could be a kidney stone forming. I just am not sure about all of this.

There are times when my blood pressure rises but it is really good, it has never been high so that is why they are not alarmed.

I am just hoping that I am not dealing with a bunch of rookies when it comes to this preeclampsia thing, I want to be sure that I am goin to be ok.

I am currently at 35 weeks, today during my visit, they couldn't see the baby practicing breathing so they told me to come back in the morning to be tested again to see if anything changes.

Please advise, I am really concerned.

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