When is it no longer pe?

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Re: When is it no longer pe?

Postby laney_p » Wed Dec 23, 640837 1:16 pm

Hey Michelle,

So generally if you are more than 6-8 weeks out from your delivery and still experiencing hypertension, you are no longer experiencing preeclampsia and would be considered to have chronic hypertension. Some women are able to go off their medications eventually, but others may be on them for the rest of their lives. It varies depending on the patient. I know that's probably not the answer you might hope for, but hopefully it reassures you somewhat! It's not uncommon for women to continue to experience high blood pressure for months or even years after preeclampsia. Have you talked with your doctor about anything else you can do to help manage your BP?
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When is it no longer pe?

Postby michelle.taaffe » Sat Dec 12, 640837 9:10 pm

At 16 weeks pp my BP is still high. No more protein in urine now.
Doctor said it's just high bp now.

Does that mean I'm likely on meds for life?

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