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Re: New here, looking for resources

Posted: Sun Nov 11, 640840 4:00 am
by laney_p
Sorry for all the stress you are under! It's not a great scenario when you don't have many options. I second Jen in saying that you might just want to find a general Ob that feels skilled with working with higher risk patients. As well, there are MFMs who do phone consultations that might be outside your area, but in the network of your general Ob provider that could be a resource for them if you end up needing it. My other suggestion would be to pop into one of the Preeclampsia Survivor groups on Facebook and ask other survivors if there's anyone in your area that might have a suggestion on a good Ob. (I know it's a longshot, but worth trying!)

On a personal note outside of my job here at the Foundation, I also live in a community where there's only a single MFM and the next best options are decently far away (though not as far as what you have in your area!). But there are quite a few doctors in our area that do a great job caring for high-risk patients and only need to refer them out in pretty extreme circumstances. I'm an Ob patient with issues (not related to preeclampsia), so I feel your frustration!!

Re: New here, looking for resources

Posted: Sun Sep 02, 640840 2:15 pm
by Sierramtngirl
Thank you. So I guess I can search around for an OB who feels comfortable with managing me. Make me feel a little relief, because honestly, I really CANNOT see the MFM that I have access to. I can't even tell if he's good and what he does because his attitude is horrid (& I'm not alone in my opinion. Every woman I know in the area who had been referred has a very similar opinion and experience). I live in a very rural part of the southwest, and unless I'm up for a 5 hour trip to Boise, 8hr trip to Salt Lake City or a 5 hour trip to Sacramento (which I have considered) but thought of doing so is overwhelming with 2 small kids and a husband who has very long work hours and NO family support. I'm already having nightmares of being put on bedrest/off work already (as I used every bit of my maternity leave the last 6 weeks of my pregnancy with DS) and had to take an unpaid LOA for an additional 4 weeks after I had him & had to go back then (which is a small thing, I realize, compared to the safety of my baby, but it was stressful nonetheless). Thank you again.

Re: New here, looking for resources

Posted: Sun Sep 02, 640840 10:49 am
by jenh
Whether you choose to see an OB or MFM depends a lot on the doctor and your own preferences. Some OBs feel comfortable working with higher risk patients up to a point, some are quicker to refer to MFM. My first OB was terrible (lost his license after losing a patient) but the MFM who took over my case was wonderful. My second OB was fine, and I only had mild PE at the end so never saw MFM. My third OB was fantastic, but due to insurance issues I couldn't go back to the first MFM and I was not impressed with the new one. I felt comfortable with just seeing OB. The OB consulted with MFM over the phone a couple times, but I only saw him once.

New here, looking for resources

Posted: Wed Aug 08, 640840 7:01 pm
by Sierramtngirl
Hi all. I'm a 37 yo mom of 2. My first was a 6#14 oz girl born post term, with BP's that were mostly in the high 120's/80s. No protein or other issues. Very healthy before her pregnancy and exercised all thru. Second pregnancy was told he had IUGR and then BP was checked just after I received this news(and found to be 140/80 & higher at appointments). All of the appropriate fetal testing ensued until my delivery and I was "allowed" to go to 39 weeks b/c they really thought my high readings were more white-coat hypertension vs. anything else (since 100% of my ambulatory readings were normal) but gave me a dx of PIH anyhow. Never had any protein in urine or other pre-e "signs" (but was monitored very closely by MFM and OB). And DS didnt' have IUGR, was 6#10 oz at 39 weeks. His pregnancy was very stressful and I HATED the MFM I had to see (terrible bedside manner, yelled at me more than once, very scary. Made me cry on more than one occasion. I acutally had/have a little PTSD from the experience).
I'm now pregnant with bonus baby #3 (DH was scheduled to go to the urologist for his vasectomy LITERALLY the day I found out I was pregnant). We are feeling blessed and overwhelmed. I noticed prior to my being pregnant, my BP was in the borderline range, low 120's/80's, plus I was at a higher starting weight and exercising, but not as much as I did previously (two kids, shocker, I know!). During the first half of the pregnancy, my pressures were fine, all less than 120/80. Now I'm 26 weeks, and it 's creeping up towards the borderline range again, 120-130/80-85. No one will medicate at this level, which I understand. But I also know with my hx that it's quite possible (and likely) that my pressures with continue to go up, AND I've never had them this high this early. I'm older now and my OB who delivered my other 2 is retired. The MFM I saw previously is literally the only MFM in a 5 hour radius to me, and the thought of going there again launches me into a panic attack. My new OB team is a group of certified nurse midwives w/ OBs on staff for higher risk cases. I've been able to see the midwives so far, but have a feeling that I'll be getting fired soon & have to see one of the OB's (which I'm fine with). Is this something that a regular OB can handle? Do I need the input of an MFM? I'm terrified of my BP continuing to rise, and I know that I have a higher risk of PIH and Pre-e. I guess I'm looking for support and/or advice about this, and maybe some experiences with pressures like mine at this point in pregnancy.