Third baby no worry for HELLPS repeat?

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Re: Third baby no worry for HELLPS repeat?

Postby emconant » Tue Sep 27, 2016 03:57 am

My second pregnancy was diagnosed as A typical PE, based on liver enzymes, BP, and headache by the high risk group. I was induced when liver enzymes spiked and platelets dropped, 5 days post birth my liver enzymes again went up and platelets decreased but not below the normal range just from the test the day before. The doctor was stuck on the protein and without it I didnt have to worry about PE.

I have changed doctors without much success, the last one didn't think I needed to be seen more than the norm. I was happy to find out yesterday I can return to the high risk group who cared for me in my earlier pregnancies. I have been to LD already with high blood pressure, headache, and spots, and think returning to the care of doctors I trust will help a great deal. Since Im right around 21 weeks and stressed about the past lost, but I have a good reminded in my toddler that things can and do work out.

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Re: Third baby no worry for HELLPS repeat?

Postby jenh » Tue Aug 16, 2016 09:16 pm

So if I'm reading this right, your first pregnancy ended at 20 weeks with severe PE and HELLP? (I'm so sorry. That's horrible to go through.) And then your second pregnancy ended at 36 weeks with symptoms of PE and HELLP again? Did the high risk doctors diagnosis you with either that time? The guidelines on PE diagnosis have changed in the last few years. You do not need to have protein for a diagnosis, just high BP plus at least one other symptom. Headache, URQ pain, severe swelling, and increasing liver enzymes could all count as that second (and more) symptom. If your OB is telling you you couldn't have had PE because you didn't have protein, she is not up to date on the current guidelines.

Also, PE and HELLP are related but separate conditions. Most people get PE first, but it is possible (though rare) to get HELLP before/without PE. So if your doctor is telling you it's not possible to have HELLP without PE because they're the same thing, again, her understanding is not up to date.

And then she's telling you that you won't get PE/HELLP again because you didn't have it the second time, even though it kind of sounds like you did to not-a-doc me? Yeah, totally not true. Any woman can get PE in any pregnancy regardless of history. Having had it once puts you at higher risk than the general population even if you didn't have it in the second pregnancy. If she said your risk was lower after a successful second pregnancy but she'd still watch you closely just in case, that would be one thing. But to say there's nothing to worry about is a problem. Someone who believes it can't happen might miss something important. If it were me, I would find a new doctor. There are just a lot of red flags about her level of knowledge.
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Third baby no worry for HELLPS repeat?

Postby emconant » Fri Aug 12, 2016 01:17 am

I just visited the OB, and she seemed to be saying I don't have to worry about developing HELLPS or PE again? Because I had a successful pregnancy, and i never had protein in my urine. I did have high liver enzymes from week 30 till delivery at 36 weeks where they doubled in a 12 hour period, also had the bad feeling, with the pain under the ribs, headache, spike in blood pressure, and swelling. She didn't care for me after 30 weeks as I was sent to the same group of high risk doctors who delivered my first baby at 20 weeks when I developed level 1 HELLPS and severe PE. Everything I have been reading has lead me to belief Im developing HELLPS first than if left unchecked developing PE, and she tells me they are the same. After first pregnancy I developed only HELLPS post delivery, and after second my liver enzymes again spike, with BP, and pain. The OB didnt tell me to take aspirin or check my BP, until I said I had already started, then she cited new research about PE and later pregnancies and I could but not necessary. I have been looking, and found nothing. I wont be able to return to the high risk group because my insurance is no longer in network. I have been thinking about finding a new doctor or at least getting a second opinion .

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