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Re: 39 weeks developed Preeclampsia?

Posted: Tue Nov 08, 2016 05:01 pm
by alviarin
Sorry for the late response, but how are you doing this week?

I hope you have been safely delivered, please update us when you get the chance!

39 weeks developed Preeclampsia?

Posted: Wed Nov 02, 2016 03:27 pm
by hanna.williams
So around 20 weeks I had an episode of high blood pressure. I went to my OB and he told me it was because I was dehydrated. They gave me fluids my levels went back down, and they sent me home.

At 27 weeks I went into preterm labor for unknown reasons. I was hospitalized for 48 hrs and released because they got the contractions stopped.

I never had any more issues until the baby started measuring small around 34 weeks. At 34 weeks he measured 32. At 36 weeks he measured 32. They send me for a scan and he was healthy just a little on the small side. He measured 3 weeks behind every following week after that. But yesterday at my 39 week appointment he was measuring at 35 weeks.

This leads me to my prenatal visit yesterday:

Yesterday I had my regular 39 week prenatal visit, and unbeknownst to me, I started showing signs of preeclampsia. I had protein +1 in my urine, and my blood pressure was high, he also said my reflexes were hyperreflexive? Whatever that means. He became concerned and started asking me if I had other symptoms headaches, pain in my upper ribs, tiredness etc. I had been having those symptoms for about a week, but as a first time mom I didn't know it was cause for concern or anything to report to him. So, he decided to send me to Labor and Delivery for monitoring. When I got there the nurse took my blood pressure again. On my left arm, sitting, and it was sky high again. She then started doing things to try and lower it like laying me on my left side, and moving the cuff to my right arm. My blood pressure went down to high 130s/high 80s, so acceptable. She then only reported the "good" reading she got to my doctor. I have read online about it on this site, and it says the most accurate way to take blood pressure for preeclampsia is sitting position and on your left arm because it is directly connected to your heart. So I'm curious to know if I should tell my OB that she was intentionally trying to keep it low, and if those readings are accurate? I took it again when I got back home and it was high again. He's doing a 24 hr urine collection on me anyways, but I just don't want this nurse trying to alter my results because she wanted to go home since her shift was over. My doctor also says that he doesn't want to induce me and keep me pregnant, because he doesn't want me to have a high chance of C-section. While I totally don't want to have a C-section either, at the same time I want me and my baby safe and taking uneccesary risks to keep me pregnant just for a vaginal delivery, when I'm perfectly safe to be induced now scares me.