Multiple PE pregnancies

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Re: Multiple PE pregnancies

Postby kb » Fri Mar 10, 2017 07:03 am

I am expecting baby number 9. I am very excited about this baby. It will be born in two weeks.

I have had preeclampsia and pih and gestational hypertension during 6 pregnancies. One baby was born at 32 weeks. Some of the others were born at 37 weeks. Baby #9 will be born at 36 weeks. Three of my children were full term. One of the more difficult things for me is that since my 32-weeker I have had 6 c-sections. This next baby will make 7.

I'm not sure if being doomed to repeat c-sections is common for preeclampsia moms or if it is unique to my case. There was a threat of placental abruption with the first c-section and I was never allowed to be induced after that but needed to deliver babies before term because of gestational hypertension.

I feel blessed and like I have come through with flying colors since my first, and most severe, preeclampsia pregnancy. It has taken its toll though. I understand your feelings completely and you had two very difficult pregnancies. There are two bits of encouragement, I'd like to give you. Even though it is likely it will happen again, most people and doctors are sympathetic when you are in the situation and will help you. And secondly, you may be surprised how well things turn out.

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Multiple PE pregnancies

Postby alisha.williams » Thu Mar 09, 2017 03:07 am

Hi all,

I'm new here and my husband and I are having the odd discussion at the moment about whether or not our family is complete. For awhile we have said we were done, however now our youngest has started school we are wondering whether we should take the risk.

A bit of background - our daughter was born at 28 weeks weighing 750g and is now 7. We very nearly lost her - one more day and she wouldn't be with us. It all happened very suddenly. PE was detected, ultrasound and delivery within 3 hours. Obviously our world was torn apart and the next 10 weeks were *, followed by 6 months of tube feeding. She is now healthy and happy and has no residual issues besides some sensory stuff that is so common in prems. My blood pressure returned to normal within around a month of delivery.

Our son was born 2.5 years later and is now 5. My blood pressure skyrocketed at 23 weeks and I spent the next six weeks on the ward until we both started to deteriorate at 29 weeks. He was born at 29+6 and weighed 860g. He powered through the NICU and came home 7 weeks later weighing 1.8kg. I was not well for quite a while after he was born and my blood pressure occasionally still spikes for a few days and then returns to normal.

Writing all of this out is pretty much making me say "NO, THAT'S IT! DON'T DO IT!" but I can't do anything about the primal urge that keeps smacking me in the face. How have mum's of multiple PE pregnancies managed a third or other pregnancy or dealt with that feeling that your family isn't finished? Part of my concern is when it all hits the fan again, people won't support us or will say it is all our fault because we knew the risks. I am so grateful for what we have - we are so lucky both of our children are with us. It's a conversation I just can't have with normal full-term mums who don't understand the risks and implications of such a pregnancy.

Thanks for your help!

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