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Re: Concerned about daughter's pregnancy

Posted: Tue Oct 10, 2017 01:29 pm
by jenh
It's hard to watch someone else go through something. I know after my first PE pregnancy, my mom was on edge for all the rest, for mine and my sisters'.

Your daughter is aware of the signs and symptoms and will get checked if anything shows. Her doctor is doing basic screening at all appointments, and will move on to further testing if something shows up. But yes, I can definitely see why you're nervous if she's measuring small and not gaining. I would probably want a growth scan in that situation, too. Your daughter can ask for one "just for peace of mind" and see what the doctor says.

Concerned about daughter's pregnancy

Posted: Tue Oct 10, 2017 03:40 am
by MichelleWalker
I delivered my daughter 27 years ago, 7 weeks prematurely. I was induced at 33 weeks due to HELLP. I had a completely normal pregnancy right up until the sudden onset of extreme low rib/chest pain which brought me to the hospital where I was eventually dx w/HELLP. The only thing unusual prior to that(pregnancy wise) was that my stomach was tiny and had no growth the month prior. I felt something wasn't right because of it. The OB agreed that it was unusual but wasn't alarmed at all. I'd asked her to do an US just to be sure the baby was growing. She agreed to do one in 2 weeks, but I never made it to that point. I was young and didn't trust my instincts enough to try and convince the Dr. I was told after delivery that she had not received nutrients, therefore had not grown in utero for a few weeks before delivery....hence no baby belly growth for me.

Fast forward to now and this same daughter is now expecting her own daughter. Yay!! She is 30 weeks pregnant and of course I am nervous for her and the baby because of the increased risk she has for HELLP from me having had it. She has told her OB/GYN about this from the beginning. It appears the dr. is not doing anything other than routine monitoring. Since routine monitoring did nothing to help me, I am concerned. She went for her appt, today and the dr. noted that she was carrying especially small and had no weight gain since her last visit...but chalked it up to no big deal. I completely understand that it could be nothing, but I feel as if she should be monitoring her a little differently than she would a patient without an increased risk of HELLP. More blood work to measure liver counts, more scans, etc.

I would love your thoughts. Thanks so much!