could it be preeclampsia

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Re : could it be preeclampsia

Postby ann marie » Sat Jun 12, 637041 2:15 pm

Hi Rachel,

Congratulations on your pregnancy and on reaching 30 weeks! That's wonderful. I agree with everything Julie said so I won't repeat. A high risk consultation is an appointment with a perinatologist/maternal fetal medicine doctor. They are experts in monitoring high risk pregnancy. They work collaboratively with your OB. They do careful monitoring of mom and baby such as growth scans, non-stress testing, etc. During my pregnancy I saw the perinatologist once per week and the OB a different day every week. It really helped them to be on top of all that was going on. Welcome again!

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Re : could it be preeclampsia

Postby rachel a » Sat Jun 12, 637041 2:26 am

Thanks for your quick response.

My doctor is seeing me weekly. As far as monitoring the baby, she only checks the fetal heart rate.
My doctor has not mentioned a high-risk consult. What would that entail?


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Re : could it be preeclampsia

Postby julie f » Tue Jun 01, 637041 7:51 pm


Hi and welcome! Congratulations on your pregnancy and making it to 30 weeks, you're on the home strech![:D]

My personal opinion is that no, you are not being paranoid in being concerned about preeclampsia and the symptoms you're experiencing. I always think that you can never be too concerned, better safe than sorry. If you feel like your doctor isn't telling you everything, then I would absolutely recommend a heart to heart with her.

About your fluctuating blood pressures - with preeclampsia, blood pressure readings tend to fluctuate up and down quite a bit before they become high and stay high. So, it's especially important to stay on top of your readings and make sure you're monitoring yourself closely. I would keep a log of the readings that you're getting and bring them in to your dr. appt.

The criteria for a diagnosis of preeclampsia is two bp readings of 140/90 taken 5-6 hours apart and 300mg of protein in a 24 hour sample. So, while you meet the hypertension criteria, your 24 hour urine isn't at that level. I pray that it never does get there! The high blood pressure alone though is just as serious and should be monitored just as closely. It sounds like your doctor is on top of things and is keeping a watchful eye on you. Here is a link to our Signs and Symptoms page to keep handy for reference:

How often is your dr. seeing you? How are the monitoring baby? Has your dr. talked about refering you out for a high-risk consult?

Please keep us posted.

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could it be preeclampsia

Postby rachel a » Tue Jun 01, 637041 2:20 pm

Hi everyone. My name is Rachel Adamson and I am 23 and expecting my first (a boy). I am thirty weeks pregnant.

In June (at approximately 18 weeks)I began having high bp. I was on bed rest for 2 weeks and things returned to normal and I returned to work.

September 10 my doctor sent me to the emergency room because of severe edema in my feet, hands, and face. My bp was elevated at the hospital but apparently not enough to admit. I saw my doctor the following monday and my bp was 151/82. She put me on bedrest and has me coming back on Monday (a week later). I went out and bought a blood pressure monitor and my bp has been going crazy. Sometimes it's 120/72 and like this last time I took it, it was 148/82. Should I be concerned with preeclampsia or is this normal? I also did a 24-hour urine and my doctor said the protein was at 183, which she said was okay.

After one week on bed rest the swelling has eased in my face but my face only. My hands and feet are still PAINFULLY swollen.

Am I paranoid or should I be concerend? I feel like my doctor may not telling me everything.

Please help this first time mommy-to-be!

Rachel [:)]

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