Non Stress Test

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Re : Non Stress Test

Postby heatherbbb » Fri Nov 26, 2004 08:00 am

I just spent 1 hour and 40 minutes on a NST this morning because little Joshua wasn't moving around enough. The doctor finally passed my test off. If I'd failed, they would have sent me for a Bio Physical Profile Ultrasound. I think SueAnn gave a good description of the purpose of the NST.

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Re : Non Stress Test

Postby sonja » Fri Nov 26, 2004 07:49 am

I too had some contractions during my NST's that I did not feel. They also look to see that the babies heart rate did not go down during the contractions - a sign of fetal stress. A few of my NST's were great and the baby moved a lot and then there were some that took a lot longer to complete. Good luck to you.


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Re : Non Stress Test

Postby season » Thu Nov 25, 2004 02:45 pm

They are looking for a couple of things in the non stress test. Mainly they are watching the heart rate of baby during movements. It should start at a certain point, accelerate, and then return to the normal rate. this shows a non stressed baby. Along with that they put on the contraction monitor to make sure you are not having them. The monitoring during labor is similar but with that they are measuring baby's heartrate and your contraction strength.

In preg #2 I often had a reactive non stress test within just a few minutes because the baby would show great heart accelerations. So I spent most of my time waiting for the doctor to return her page.

Hope that helps!

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Non Stress Test

Postby natan » Thu Nov 25, 2004 02:04 pm

Not sure if we have talked about this or not. Has anybody been experimenting with the NST? Does anybody know what it means other then fetal movement? Last week, Dr's said I had minor contraction, didn't even know it. Is there something special that they are looking for? There are some days when baby moves a lot other days when she is very still.

I find it interesting and want to learn what the patterns on the graph / paper indicate?


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