flashing lights

This section is for discussions with other women who have probably been through the same signs/symptoms that you may be experiencing. Please note, we cannot offer medical advice and encourage members to discuss their concerns with their doctors. New members, come on in and introduce yourself!
rachel a
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Re : flashing lights

Postby rachel a » Sat Oct 11, 637338 11:45 pm


Well, I am going to chime in with the other ladies...

...I started having blurry vision and then all of a sudden I started having "flashing lights" thank God it was after I had been admitted to the hospital. Not that yours IS the same...but I would see the flashing lights after my diastolic (the bottom number of bp) would rise over 110. Not Good! So it definitely wouldn't hurt anything AT ALL to get your bp checked and to let your OB know that this is going on!

Let us know what you do!

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Re : flashing lights

Postby maddiekinsmom » Thu Oct 02, 637338 12:52 am

I'm with all of the other ladies - please get checked! My visual disturbances were pretty minor in that I just saw the flashing lights, but no blurriness. And I had severe PE. Please get checked and let us know what happens!


Madeleine 4/8/01 (29 weeker: 1 lb,14oz; severe PE, IUGR)

christine lyn
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Re : flashing lights

Postby christine lyn » Wed Oct 01, 637338 10:58 am

Please go get checked. I had PE very bad. I had the flashing lights in my vision among other things and didn't know why. At 29 weeks pregnant I did not feel right and went to get checked and had my son that night by emergency C-section. He was in the NICI for 10 weeks before he came home and is now 15 weeks old. Born at 1lb. 9.2oz. and now 6lb. 12oz. and doing great! Please get checked.

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Re : flashing lights

Postby denise » Sat Jan 21, 637336 6:00 pm

Please get checked out if you haven't already. It's much better to be checked out and find out it's nothing, rather than developing worsening PE and not knowing it. Please update when you can.

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Re : flashing lights

Postby akemt » Sat Jan 21, 637336 5:54 pm

In general (high bp or not), anything eye related that comes on or worsens suddenly needs to be checked out immediately. Been spending too much time in the lounges of eye doctors lately...LOL In relation to preeclampsia, visual disturbances can be caused by the same swelling that can lead to eclampsia so it needs to be checked.

Let us know what you find out!

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Re : flashing lights

Postby logansmom » Sat Jan 21, 637336 5:19 pm

Reading some posts I have started wondering. Do you think visual disturbances in the bright sun (reflecting off the snow) count? When I am out with my 3 year old on the few bright days we have had I have had a little disturbances, but only in the sun. I am being very closely watched by my doctor and have no other symptoms....just thought I would ask what others thought. I haven't even brought it up to her because I thought it was just from the sun, but not bringing up symptoms got me in trouble last time with my very negligent old doctor.

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Re : flashing lights

Postby capfel » Sat Jan 21, 637336 3:45 am

I agree, and when you go hopefully they will order a 24 hour urine. I show up as trace protein on the dip stick in the dr's office, but my 24 hour urine readings are in the 500's.

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norlisa k
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Re : flashing lights

Postby norlisa k » Tue Jan 10, 637336 8:07 pm

Hi Kristin,

Not to scare you, but I am with the other ladies. Please please check your bp, and call L&D and tell them what's going on. This is just based off of my own personal experience: I got admitted for my first bout with post-partum preeclampsia because I was seeing flashing lights, and my bp was out of control.

Please keep us posted.

Wishing you all the best,

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Re : flashing lights

Postby fiona » Tue Jan 10, 637336 5:55 pm


go and get checked out straight away. Call L&D or just go in - flashing lights are not to be ignored. Let us know what happens. Best of luck.

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Re : flashing lights

Postby shadow205 » Tue Jan 10, 637336 5:52 pm

Have you had your blood presure checked? If not then please do so.I am in no way a trained medical person but visual disturbances are one of the signs of PE, don't let it go unchecked. My Daughter was seeing flashing lights the night before her emergency c-section and her BP was totally out of control.


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