third trimester bp rise?

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Re : third trimester bp rise?

Postby julie f » Sun Apr 05, 637339 9:44 am


Hi! How are you?

My bp did rise in the 3rd trimester. After that nice 2nd trimester dip, the rise was scary! You will laugh though, my "rise" was to 120-130/70-80 (2nd trimester readings were really low 95-100/55-65) Anyway, it stayed put until the week before delivery when it jumped to 130/90. I was on bp meds from weeks 15-30, the bp jump started about week 26 or 27.

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third trimester bp rise?

Postby april » Sun Apr 05, 637339 9:34 am

Is it normal for your bp to rise some in your thrid trimester? If so how much? And does it go up slowly or all of a sudden, and at what point does it level off? If any of you have any info or experiances please share, especially if you are or were not on any bp meds during pregnancy.

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