induction ?

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Re : induction ?

Postby logansmom » Sun Mar 04, 637342 9:44 pm

My doc told me there is a higher chance of the baby dying if I go past my due date. People with "normal" pregnancies often have blood pressure spikes in the end so I assume better safe than sorry is the way to go. I am hoping for a c-section at 38 weeks if I make it that far.

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Re : induction ?

Postby 5miraclez » Sun Mar 04, 637342 9:33 pm

My Dr. will start amnios to check lung maturity to induce me assuming I make it to 36 weeks. My Dr's reasoning was that with each of my pregnancies, the pre-e has come on faster and needed immediate delivery. He'd rather I have no complications than risk not being near a hospital or something tragic happenning. Just my experience though.

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Re : induction ?

Postby sonja » Sun Mar 04, 637342 10:25 am

My Peri wanted me induced between 37 - 39 weeks the second time around as well - his philosophy is better to induce while I am still healthy and baby is fully developed at that time then to wait for something to go wrong, which has a better chance of happening down the line. My OB set my induction date for 39 weeks as her practice has the philosophy that any induction that is not an emergency inductions done before that date would have to include an amnio for lung maturity and she did not want to put me through that. I went into labor on my own at 37.5 weeks and having been induced once before I can tell you that being induced was much harder then the labor I went into on my own, but I would not trade the first induction (due to pre-e) decision for anything. Good luck to you.


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Re : induction ?

Postby catherine » Sun Mar 04, 637342 4:34 am

I think that it's a better "safe than sorry" situation April. At 38 weeks the baby will be cooked. So why risk developing preeclampsia at all? Don't forget that our preeclampsia experiences are not the norm,often it only manifests at term and is an indication for immediate delivery. However, if you want try for a natural birth experience, including going into labor spontaneously, then you would want to discuss that with your OB. Maybe you can have some compromise with frequent monitoring and "membrane stripping" (have no clue how uncomfortable this procedure is, apparently I make the biological equivalent of the cheapie zip-lock because they won't stay closed [;)]) to see if you can get started on your own. On the other hand, after a long and stressful pregnancy(emotionally if not physically) it might be very comforting to know that the baby is coming on a specific date.


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Re : induction ?

Postby anne » Sun Mar 04, 637342 4:26 am

Hi April

Maybe you dr just wants to be cautious as the longer you are pregnant the more likely it is to develop complications like pre e.

That said, my OB does not want to do anything before May 25 (due May 31)...which is pretty late. I will then have another c section.

I guess if things are going ok then baby might as well stay in there until she is either ready and comes naturally or her "term" is up!!!

I know with my "normal" pregnant friends they usually won't induce until after the due date comes and goes!

I am glad to see your test results have come back good. I never heard from my dr so I assume I am ok too...I am having some extra swelling this weekend and my bp is up, but I am trying to be unconcerned as long as it stays under 140/90.


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induction ?

Postby april » Sun Mar 04, 637342 2:43 am

I was wondering why dr. want to induce labor when you have had a severe case of pe with your last pregnancy, even if things are going well at the time of the induction date? The reason I am asking this is because my Dr. said that she is planning on inducing me in my 38th week of pregancy, asumming I make it that far. Which is fine with me, but I just forgot to ask her why.

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