Additional Follow up to...Protein and HBP

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Additional Follow up to...Protein and HBP

Postby onfaith » Mon Apr 25, 2005 06:55 am

After the initial problems I have been back into the doctor several times. We did the 24 hour urine test, and blood test, and everything came back good. Only trace protein in my urine, however, my blood pressure is continuing to hover around 140/90. He recommended that I begin working part-time and did this as of last appt today my blood pressure was better, so the feeling right now is to definitely cut back on activities and work, not that work is thrilled or greatly supportive about this.....I am very happy to be feeling better....just a little worried, that this could develop into more, although I realize worrying won't help the situation.

Happy to know there is no PE at Present. Thanks again for your thoughts and support over the past couple of weeks.

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