Happy 2nd Birthday Ellie

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julie f
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Re : Happy 2nd Birthday Ellie

Postby julie f » Tue Apr 11, 637352 1:15 am

Sue, I am sorry I am getting to this late. We have been celebrating Zach's life, and mourning his death this week. I thought of you as I know Zach and Ellie's birthdays are so close.

It is a cruel world in that we go to a cemetery to celebrate the birthdays of our babies. I know that your Ellie and my Zach are enjoying their birthday cake in a far better place than this.

Much love to you Sue. And, I pray also that Ellie will have a brother or sister.

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Re : Happy 2nd Birthday Ellie

Postby tracey » Wed Mar 08, 637352 12:23 am

Happy (belated) birthday Ellie.

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Re : Happy 2nd Birthday Ellie

Postby cassie05 » Sun Feb 27, 637352 3:53 am

Happy Birthday Ellie

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Re : Happy 2nd Birthday Ellie

Postby melissam » Sun Feb 27, 637352 3:41 am

Happy Birthday Ellie. Sending love and hugs your way.

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Re : Happy 2nd Birthday Ellie

Postby sweetiesuzy » Sat Feb 26, 637352 12:09 pm

A very Happy Birthday special babygirl Ellie.

Hugs & love,

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Re : Happy 2nd Birthday Ellie

Postby mada » Sat Feb 26, 637352 8:13 am

Happy birthday to Ellie...I hope that you have a peaceful day.

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Re : Happy 2nd Birthday Ellie

Postby mom2tori » Sat Feb 26, 637352 6:34 am

Happy birthday Ellie! You have the right idea of celebrating Ellie's birthday-afterall the day she was born was a happy day, full of smiles, answered prayers and just plain joy! You should try always to remeber the love you felt on this day 2 years ago. It is easier said than done-I know but this is a day full of love and happiness not tears and sorrow.

We always take flowers and balloons out to the cemetary for Dominic's birthday too and usually get cupcakes or something to help us celebrate-his birthday should be celebrated.

Thinking of you Sue and wishing lots of comfort and peace to come your way..

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Re : Happy 2nd Birthday Ellie

Postby angelkat » Sat Feb 26, 637352 4:12 am

Happy Birthday Ellie...

Sue, I'm thinking of you!!!...

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Re : Happy 2nd Birthday Ellie

Postby kjones » Sat Feb 26, 637352 2:40 am

God love your heart!! Happy Birthday Ellie!! You, and your family are in my thought, and prayers!!

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Happy 2nd Birthday Ellie

Postby sjs40 » Sat Feb 26, 637352 1:19 am

Our little angel should have been having her 2nd birthday party today, but instead we went to take flowers to her grave. We also took a number 2 candle and a pink rosette that said birthday girl. We had birthday cake when we got home and sang happy birthday to Ellie. A few people have remembered the significance of today, but not many.

It was my birthday 2 days ago, so birthdays for me will never be the same again as we should be celebrating Ellie's 2 days later. People expect me to move on, but how can I when someone is missing? Ellie was conceived naturally after years of infertility, then she was so cruelly taken away from us after 27 days of happiness.

We are ttc again, but with no luck so far and struggling to stay positive. I had actually been ovulating on my own, but last month I didnt, and this month I have no idea what is going on - over a week late but no +++.

2 years ago, and it seems like yesterday....I can remember every little detail from Ellie's time in NICU. I just wish I could hold her again, see her looking at me. We have photos, and a short video, but I wish we had taken more. At the time you are so happy to be with your little miracle that videos are the last thing on your mind. We never actually used ours! The video we have is of Ellie just 3 days before she got ill - my brother met her for the 1st time and took video of me kangarooing Ellie. It is my most treasured possession as not only am I holding my baby, she has her eyes open and is looking at me, her mummy.

The lead up to today hasnt been as bad as last year, but yesterday and today I have had a total relapse in the grief thing. Fortunately I took yesterday off work, but I had decided to work on the anniversary of her death. It seems right to remember her birthday more than the other anniversary, and I only have to work half a day on her angel anniversary.

I miss Ellie so much, and would love to see how she would look aged 2. She would already be going to her special school as she had Down Syndrome. She was so special, and I hope she will have a brother or sister one day....

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