observations of my new life...

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Re : observations of my new life...

Postby lorelei » Tue Aug 22, 637662 6:15 pm

I'm so sorry Sam..I know there aren't any words to make it better, please know I'm thinking of you and so sorry about your babies. ((((HUGS))))

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observations of my new life...

Postby froggie89 » Tue Aug 22, 637662 5:40 pm

Losing Alexander was one of the hardest things I've ever been through. Losing our little girl - it's even harder if that's possible. I never would have thought my life would turn out like this - even in my wildest dreams. Now I find myself trying to stay busy all my waking hours so I don't have time for the what if's and the why's to creep in (I go nuts thinking of all the why's and what ifs). Now I find that I have to think about which grocery store to go to when I have to get stuff - one of them has the cereal across from the baby stuff. Now I try to go to the store when there won't be any little ones around or go to the store that doesn't have as many little ones as the others. Now I avoid going by kids or babies clothes to ohh and ahh over all their cute things. Now I hold my breath when I see a baby carrier hoping that I won't see the baby and hoping I won't start crying. Now I pray every night that we can adopt in hopes that we can have a family through adoption since we can't go the "natural" route. Now I'm trying to keep it together while my body and soul feel empty, trying to force smiles when you just want to tell the world to bite me. I don't like my life now - I want my babies back. I want my dreams and hopes back. Oh this just bites!!![:(!][:(]

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