Three years...

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Re : Three years...

Postby sweetiesuzy » Wed Jan 02, 637669 11:22 pm

A very special birthday wish to you sweet Zach. Julie - thinking of you (as always) and sending you lots of love and hugs.

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Re : Three years...

Postby hannahsmom » Wed Jan 02, 637669 11:00 pm

Oh, Julie -

Sending you many hugs today. Zach has a very special mommy. May you find peace and comfort as you celebrate his 3rd birthday.

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Re : Three years...

Postby angelashley » Wed Jan 02, 637669 10:55 pm

Happy 3rd Birthday Zach! I'm thinking of you and your family Julie, sending many hugs your way!! Nicole

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julie f
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Re : Three years...

Postby julie f » Tue Jan 01, 637669 8:09 pm

Thank you so much everyone. You will never know how grateful I am for all of the love and support.

Much love,

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Re : Three years...

Postby keneke68 » Sun Dec 23, 637668 9:01 pm

Happy 3rd Angel Birthday Zach!!!!

I am sending you lots of (((Hugs))) Julie. Thinking of you!!!

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Re : Three years...

Postby froggie89 » Sun Dec 23, 637668 5:55 pm

Happy Birthday Zach! Many hugs to you Julie!

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Re : Three years...

Postby kdreher » Sun Dec 23, 637668 3:18 pm

I have to say I can't believe it has been that long since you lost Zach. I remember when I first met you and fresh it all was. I'm thinking of you, Andy and Zach. It really does seem like a hundred years ago at times and others it is right in your mind. I'm baffled still that I lost Tyler 11 yrs ago. It never makes the "what if" go away.

Happy Birthday Zach!

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Re : Three years...

Postby angelkat » Sun Dec 23, 637668 1:11 pm

Happy Birthday sweet baby Zach...

Julie, thinking of you....

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Re : Three years...

Postby sjs40 » Sun Dec 23, 637668 1:54 am

Happy Birthday Zach. We share a birthday. Thinking of you today Julie

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Re : Three years...

Postby fiona » Sat Dec 22, 637668 9:02 pm

Julie, I know just what you mean. Thinking of you all today,

much love.

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