Remembering my Nephew

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Re : Remembering my Nephew

Postby josiah1112 » Thu Jun 22, 637684 12:27 pm

I got to meet Casee in person and she really is wonderful.I enjoyed meeting and talking to you Casee!!

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Re : Remembering my Nephew

Postby mrs.magdaleno » Wed Jun 21, 637684 8:10 pm

What a wonderful aunt you are.

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Re : Remembering my Nephew

Postby gilma » Wed Jun 21, 637684 1:37 pm

Thank you so much. Thank you for keeping it up even when I act like I don't want you to. Thanks for always remembering him even when I act like it's not a big deal. Thank you for carrying him in your heart and therefore keeping him alive in ours. Thank you being able to say what I'm thinking but can't quite get it into words. Thanks for being there this weekend and being such a crucial part of it coming together inspite of what's going on in your own life.
I love you sister.

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Re : Remembering my Nephew

Postby angelkat » Sat Jun 10, 637684 11:48 am

Thinking of you...

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Re : Remembering my Nephew

Postby jodlb » Sat Jun 10, 637684 2:25 am

From one Aunt to an Angel to another, praying for peace for you and your family on this diffucult day.

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Re : Remembering my Nephew

Postby lucy » Tue May 30, 637684 6:10 am

thinking of you and your family

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Re : Remembering my Nephew

Postby froggie89 » Sun May 07, 637684 5:04 am

How sweet and loving. Thinking of all of y'all today. Wishing you peace and strength too. Hugs....

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Re : Remembering my Nephew

Postby rosemary » Sun May 07, 637684 2:45 am

Thinking of your precious Grayson today and wishing love and peace to his entire family...Bless you.

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Re : Remembering my Nephew

Postby belle8600 » Sat May 06, 637684 11:35 pm

you are a great aunt. amny husg to you and your family

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Re : Remembering my Nephew

Postby annegarrett » Sat May 06, 637684 12:26 pm

That is so thoughtful and true. I so appreciate your sharing that post with us. Take care of yourself as well. I know as an aunt who's niece/nephew is up in heaven from experience that this is your loss as well. Do take care.

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