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Re : Gilma...

Postby hmoore » Mon Jul 03, 637684 4:07 am

I am so glad to hear that his party went so well. What a wonderful way to honor your son!

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Re : Gilma...

Postby jodlb » Mon Jul 03, 637684 12:53 am

What an incredable gift!

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Re : Gilma...

Postby missgamecock » Sun Jul 02, 637684 8:25 am

How awesome. I'm sure Grayson is just smiling down on you!

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Re : Gilma...

Postby josiah1112 » Thu Jun 22, 637684 12:52 pm


We had a wonderful time and there was no where else we would of rather been that night.I am always amazed when I meet one of my "PE sisters" as Alli likes to say.The bond is incredible.You all seemed like old friends...

I believe Grayson was honored in a great way Saturday night.It is obvious the amount of lives he has touched...
You all did a wonderful job of planning this special special birthday.Continued hugs.

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Re : Gilma...

Postby mrs.magdaleno » Wed Jun 21, 637684 7:52 pm

What a wonderful way to celebrate your son's memory.

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Re : Gilma...

Postby angelkat » Wed Jun 21, 637684 4:27 pm


Sounds like a wonderful party for Grayson! I am so jealous that you got to meet my good friend Gloria in person!

Many hugs

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Re : Gilma...

Postby gilma » Wed Jun 21, 637684 1:52 pm

Thank you so much ladies for your thoughts and well wishes. We had a pretty busy day preparing for Grayson's party on the following Saturday. My husband and I joked that it was very much like our other two kid's birthdays....thought out with lot's of good intentions! We remembered our time with Grayson and hoped that he is happy with how we eventually decided to spend his birthday. We honored his memory at the Fundraiser and the numbers are still coming in but it looks FABULOUS for the PF! Thank you to Gloria for traveling to the east coast to celebrate with us! We felt each and everyone of your spirits with us a we took this day on. Wishing peace this holiday season for all of us.

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Re : Gilma...

Postby lucy » Tue May 30, 637684 6:08 am

I am thinking of you as well

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Re : Gilma...

Postby froggie89 » Sun May 07, 637684 4:58 am

My thoughts are with you today. Big hugs to you...

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Re : Gilma...

Postby rosemary » Sun May 07, 637684 2:42 am

My thoughts and prayers are with you too...

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