In memory of tattoos

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Re : In memory of tattoos

Postby lucy » Sun Jun 16, 637985 4:45 am

I agree they are beautiful tattoos, many hugs.

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Re : In memory of tattoos

Postby froggie89 » Sun Jun 16, 637985 1:39 am

They are beautiful!

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Re : In memory of tattoos

Postby misscoleyp » Sat Jun 15, 637985 5:22 pm

My DH's tattoo is just Cooper's name. (nothing fancy)

We both want to get a bluebonnet because we planted them last year during the drought on his grave. I swear that was the only place in the whole state that they came up.

If I could, I would get this: ... 0011-1.jpg

That was Cooper's grave this year with the bluebonnets. They were like 2 feet high at full bloom. That picture was early.

I just can make up my mind on where I want it. I want it somewhere I can see it, yet be able to hide it for the professional world. And I LOVE Nikkole's!

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Re : In memory of tattoos

Postby mrs.magdaleno » Sat Jun 15, 637985 4:21 pm

Your tattoos are great. My dh wants to get Jake's footprints tattooed over his heart.

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Re : In memory of tattoos

Postby daltonsmommy » Fri Jun 14, 637985 6:15 pm

They are beautiful. My husband and I also have memorial tattoos. His is a cross and mine is an armband with stars and Dalton's name. If you would like to look they are on our website under photos.


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Re : In memory of tattoos

Postby klynn » Fri Jun 14, 637985 1:45 pm

What beautiful tattoos![:)][:)] My husband just got one a few weeks ago. It is a shooting star with the name Stella beside it. (Stella means little star) I have not been able to get one yet because I am expecting, but I may get one after this baby is here.

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Re : In memory of tattoos

Postby annes » Fri Jun 14, 637985 11:04 am

Beautiful tattoos! My dh and I got tattoos also. We got "griffins" which are mythical creatures, part eagle/part lion. Mine is on my shoulder, and makes me feel like Griffin is always sitting on my shoulder.

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Re : In memory of tattoos

Postby katevans » Tue Jun 04, 637985 5:43 am

I really like your tattoo. I am going to do the same when I find the courage. Mine will be a purple butterfly, Kaitlyn had one on her urn. I think it's a great way for us to remember our children.

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Re : In memory of tattoos

Postby mom2ella » Mon Jun 03, 637985 8:30 am

Thanks Rachel. My tattoo is on my lower back. I love them too!!

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Re : In memory of tattoos

Postby rosemary » Mon Jun 03, 637985 7:53 am

The tattoos are beautiful!

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