it was a month yesturday

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Re : it was a month yesturday

Postby melissam » Mon Feb 10, 637992 5:22 pm


I am so sorry to hear about your sweet little girl. Your story really is just heartbreaking. All of it is just so difficult to deal with and go through. You are right, your husband will probably react and deal with this so differently. I know my husband did and it drove me crazy. There is never any way to prepare for something like this. Nobody ever wants to think about a baby dying. It just isn't something that is supposed to happen.

It is normal for you to not want to see pictures. It is normal for you to want to see them. It is normal for you to not want to hold her. It is normal for you to want to hold her. There is no "not normal" when it comes to dealing with all of this. Everyone is different and I am sure you will hear that over and over again, but it really is true. How you deal with this is up to you. There are days where it just drives me into the ground. Then there are days that are wonderful, though it took me a while to get to some of those.

Sending you many hugs. I know how dark this time is.... sadly, we all do. We really will be here for you when you need it.

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Re : it was a month yesturday

Postby froggie89 » Wed Jan 29, 637992 10:42 pm

Oh Shannan, you're story breaks my heart and has me in tears. I wish that no mother knew this pain. It's just not fair and I'm always wondering why, why, why. It's a question that I'll never have an answer to.

As you've already seen the ladies on this forum are so wonderful and supportive. We understand your pain and loss. Please come here as often as you need. We'll be here to support you when you need it. Take care and be easy on yourself. Lots of hugs, thoughts and prayers being sent your way.

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Re : it was a month yesturday

Postby adbellamy03 » Sat Jan 18, 637992 2:17 pm

Like everyone here I am so sorry that you have suffered losing your child. I am learning it is a slow, very painful process to grieve, it is also the lonliest I have ever, ever been in my life. No one, husband, other children, therapist, grief friends can touch that lonely spot, it is unexplainable to anyone who hasn't been through it. I am thinking of sorry!

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Re : it was a month yesturday

Postby duchess » Sat Jan 18, 637992 2:52 am

Shannon, I'm so, so sorry. We've all been there and it just digs at my heart to read about your little angel. I wish that no one else would have to feel the pain of losing their baby especially to this horrible disease. You're in my prayers.

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Re : it was a month yesturday

Postby for faith » Fri Jan 17, 637992 9:25 am

Shannan - I am so, so sorry. What a beautiful name for your little girl. Many of us understand all those emotions, HUGS. Thinking of you, I am glad you found this forum, it has been a great place for me. Take care,

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Re : it was a month yesturday

Postby belle8600 » Fri Jan 17, 637992 6:52 am

i am so sorry. i too got all choked up reading your story. i lost my little girl a year ago in august. it was sad. it is something you will never get over. it took me a while to look at the pics too. i had this picture in my head of what she looked like and i didnt want to picture anything else until i was ready. it took a month before i was able to look at them. many hugs to you

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Re : it was a month yesturday

Postby annes » Thu Jan 16, 637992 11:18 pm

I am so sorry about the loss of your daughter. I have my son's urn at home with me also, and after a year and a half, I still talk to him when I am alone at home. You have found a good place here, where we support one another and try to help each other through hard times. Take care of yourself.

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Re : it was a month yesturday

Postby joker » Mon Jan 06, 637992 9:42 am

I am crying with you right now. You are in my prayers.

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Re : it was a month yesturday

Postby lillynicole081307 » Mon Jan 06, 637992 6:40 am

I just want to thank you all...from the bottom of my heart. For this disease to only affect 5-10% pregnancies there are so many of us that have experienced the same loss. Women that have normal pregnancies and deliveries do not know how lucky they truly are, (Im not going to mention the babies some mothers throw away). What a precious gift sometimes taken for granted. Today started good until my Mother got here and I had Lilly's things ready to go for donation. She breaks into sobs and tears. I kinda snapped at her, but we have got to move past this horrilbe pain. She just makes it harder for me....but then again since she cant be strong, nor can I atleast I can come here for some strength. Strength in numbers, right? We cannot change what has happened, we have to move forward, with a light heart. It would just be too easy to hate....hate myself, hate my doctor, hate my husband(mostly for handling it different than I do), hate my in-laws, hate my life, and mostly hate God. Im too good for that and YOU ladies are helping me realize that. It wasnt our faults, our babies were needed in heaven...and I know the good Lord knows why and I trust him.

"An angel in the book of life wrote down our baby's birth, and whispered as she closed the book... 'too beautiful for earth"

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Re : it was a month yesturday

Postby elainej9 » Mon Dec 23, 637991 6:55 pm

Shannon, my heart hurts thinking of your pain...I know that pain feels just like a brick on your chest. Its a wonder we can get out of bed. This forum will help you over and over again. Read the stores too, I found that helped me. Its okay that you can't look at her photos, your memory is all the photo you need. I have a couple of photos at home out and at my desk but I have never looked at the photos the hospital took of us when she was dying...thats too hard for me. Just do what you need to do....cute Lily :(

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