Happy 6th Birthday

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Re : Happy 6th Birthday

Postby michelle_chandler » Sat Jul 01, 637995 4:25 pm

((HUGS)) to you. Wishing you peace in your heart.

Take care, Michelle

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Re : Happy 6th Birthday

Postby sam » Sat Jul 01, 637995 7:55 am

thinking of you and chloe rose today, wishing you comfort and peace

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Re : Happy 6th Birthday

Postby rosemary » Wed Jun 21, 637995 1:47 pm

Suzanne...thinking of you on this hard day...and your sweet Chloe Rose.

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julie f
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Re : Happy 6th Birthday

Postby julie f » Wed Jun 21, 637995 8:50 am


Thinking of you and your baby girl.

Much love,

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Re : Happy 6th Birthday

Postby mada » Wed Jun 21, 637995 7:58 am

Oh sweetie, I will be thinking of you and your precious Chloe. Sending you big hugs. xoxo

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Re : Happy 6th Birthday

Postby laura » Wed Jun 21, 637995 5:50 am

Suz! Has it been six years already?! I'm thinking of you, dear.

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Happy 6th Birthday

Postby sweetiesuzy » Wed Jun 21, 637995 5:10 am

My dearest Chloe Rose would be six this year. She was born at 6:30 am on October 27, 2001. But today is the hardest day for me. Today was the day I saw her still body on the ultrasound. Today was the day I labored and cried all night long.

I miss her terribly.

Happy 6th Birthday babygirl!


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