Happy Birthday

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Re : Happy Birthday

Postby lisacarmel » Wed Mar 15, 638626 11:38 pm

Happy Birthday Emily! My son told me that he had Angel Food Cake on his 1st birthday in heaven. : ) Hope all goes well for Sammy on Friday.

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Re : Happy Birthday

Postby wrennie » Mon Feb 20, 638626 8:09 am

Happy Birthday Emily! Thinking of you!

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Re : Happy Birthday

Postby rosemary » Sat Jan 28, 638626 9:42 am

Thinking of you and your sweet Emily today. (((HUGS)))

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Re : Happy Birthday

Postby annes » Fri Jan 27, 638626 12:18 pm

Happy Birthday Emily!

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Happy Birthday

Postby imemc3 » Fri Jan 27, 638626 2:54 am

I want to say Happy Birthday to all our precious September Birthday angels! I want to say Happy Birthday to my daughter Emily! Happy 3rd birthday Emily Elnora Cliborne! We hope you are enjoying the best cloud Birthday cake up in heave with all you angel friends and you angel sister. Mommy&Daddy send you birthday butterfly kisses to you up in heaven! Sammy sends you little bother Birthday kisses and hugs! We love you and miss you! HAPPY BIRTHDAY

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