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Re: william joseph eckerson the 2nd

Posted: Tue Nov 13, 2012 06:57 pm
by kerisue
Amber, I'm so sorry that preeclampsia caused little William's death. It's a horrible disease that cost my little one her life too. I can only imagine your agony at having to deliver a baby you knew had passed. This is the worst pain imaginable. I also had Mag and I think pretty much everyone here agrees it is nasty stuff, though apparently effective.

It sounds like you are upset that doctors didn't have you deliver earlier? Obviously I can't know what was right or wrong for your situation. But I do believe that management of preeclampsia is a very delicate balancing act for doctors- delivering too early can be dangerous for the baby and waiting too long can be dangerous for both of you. This disease is so unpredicable that its difficult for them to know what the right plan is for every woman. I think it's best if you can trust your doctor, but is also okay to ask for a second opinion if what you are hearing doesn't feel right. Thankfully the Preeclampsia Foundation continues to educate doctors about this issue and to fund further research into it. Hopefully someday we will have prevention and a cure.

Re: william joseph eckerson the 2nd

Posted: Sun Nov 11, 2012 11:11 am
by nellis1989
this is copied from my facebook group

william joseph eckerson the 2nd

Posted: Sun Nov 11, 2012 11:07 am
by nellis1989
Hello my name is amber. i am 23 years old. i already know a pain most parents dont have to feel. i had to bury my son before he even got a chance to live. he was 29 weeks when i found out he no longer had a hearrtbeat. i went for an appointment on a wendsday and had told my doctor i had severe swelling in my hands it didnt go away, and that they went numb when i slept everynight several times a night. i also told her about flashing lights i saw if i turned my head a certain way. on that wendsday i also had high blood pressure and proteinuria the biggest signs for preeclampsia. they sent me home with a bunch of tests to do and follow up with a doctor in 1 week.
i didnt get the chance to follow up. on saturday i checked my blood pressure at home and it was very high 175/110 and i hadnt felt my son move in a few days. i freaked and went to the emergency room. once there they couldnt find a heart beat he hadnt been dead long but he was gone. i was tranferred to another hospital to deliver him. where they explained to me what happened. preeclampsia more ssevere then they had seen. a normal protein count that qualifys for proteinuria is in the hundreds severe is 5000 my level was 10000.
the hospital then told me i would have to go into laboe and deliver my dead son. they started me on a magnesium sulfate drip, nasty stuff. it makes you feel weak i couldnt even push myself up in bed with my feet or walk to the bathroom without leaning on my iv drip. but the medicine is used to try to control seizures a dangerous side effect of eclampsia. i was given a very slow acting pill that would take up 2 12 hours to soften my cervix and a slow low does of pictocin. withing 6 hrs i was in full active labor and within 11 mins my baby boy was delivered (i say delivered and not born becuase he wasnt alive) no time for pain meds because all i felt before then was pressure and a little pain. i was going in and out of sleep between contractions.
after i delivered my son i was kept on magnesium sulfate for a furthur 24 hrs because the time when most seizures happen is 24 hrs post partum. pretty much all seizures occur within 48 hrs. as of today i still have to deal with preeclampsia post partum and i may develop chronic hypertension or in other words high blood pressure. we will see its only been about a week.
i created this page to help other mothers who may have this condition. DONT TRUST YOUR DOCTORS!!!! they see so many cases that they dont think anything is abnormal until its to late. if you feel anything is wrong then ask. if you get diagnosed with proteinuria and high blood pressure refuse to leave the hospital until the baby is checked thouraly. THE ONLY CURE FOR PREECLAMPSIA IS TO GIVE BIRTH. and in the meantime of the doctors trying to confirm it you or your baby could die. 75,000 women and 500,000 babys die from preeclampsia a year.
I will try again to have a baby but i will have a 20% higher chance of getting preeclampsia again. and maybe that time i wont be as lucky to live thru it.i feel as if being pregnant was a dream and everyday i wake up to a nightmare. please be prepared and please watch out for preeclampsia.

im guessing a lot of you have been thru this....its been about 3 weeks and i feel like i will never have a neice will be born soon they were 1 month apart.