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Re: In Memoriam

Postby KetchupSpud » Sat Feb 24, 640216 2:22 am

Fraternal twin brothers:

Logan Patrick
Born 8/23/14
Died 8/26/14

Bryce Anthony
Born 8/23/14
Died 9/13/14

Hospitalized at 23w0d due to severe pre-e, delivered at 23w5d.
Mama to Logan Patrick (8/23/14-8/26/14) & Bryce Anthony (8/23/14-9/13/14), frateral twins born at 23w5d due to severe pre-e turning into HELLP.
Hoping for a rainbow in Sept '16.

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Re: In Memoriam

Postby rosemary » Thu May 13, 640213 7:33 pm

Remembering my sweet Elliott today. E was lost to severe PE/HELLP syndrome at 20 weeks. I will always carry your heart within my heart.
Rosemary - 47 - Central, PA
Momma to Kayleigh 8/25/88 - 36 weeks
Elliott 8/29/04 - lost at 20 weeks due to severe PE/HELLP
Proud Grandma to Max Allen 10/19/10.

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Re: In Memoriam

Postby KRobinson » Wed May 12, 640213 9:00 pm

Brodi John Robinson. Born on June 27, 2012 at 26 weeks gestation due to severe Preeclampsia and HELLP syndrome. He passed away four short hours later in my loving arms. I love you baby boy and miss you terribly. Xoxo

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Re: In Memoriam

Postby TRLPN827 » Sun May 02, 640213 10:40 am

Melanie Dansko
Presented to hospital with excessive weight gain and high Bp and was not treated. Emergency c section to her baby girl 9/8/14.
Melanie suffered several brain bleeds and underwent 2 emergency brain surgeries in 24 hours. She then had another bleed which nothing could be done about so she was taken off life support and passed away peacefully.

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Re: In Memoriam

Postby kromera » Sat May 01, 640213 11:50 am

IN Memory of our dearest daughter Julieta
07/06/2010 32 wks

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Re: In Memoriam

Postby Hayleighsmom » Sat May 01, 640213 7:35 am

In Memory of Hayleigh Snow Heinz, our spunky little red head.
1 lb 2 oz at 25 weeks

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Re: In Memoriam

Postby shephali » Thu Jul 05, 640210 2:15 pm

My Beloved Meera..

delivered on 16/11/2012 at 6.30 pm.
My first baby..
I lost her due to severe pre-eclampsia in the best interest of my own life.
sometimes you have to make extremely difficult choices in your life.

You will always stay deep in my heart...
You are my baby and I am your Mother..
No matter even if we are not staying together

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Re: In Memoriam

Postby kpayne81 » Sat Jul 10, 640184 7:40 am

In loving memory of:

John Patrick "Jack" Payne
Lost at 20w1d on 12/23/13
Due to severe early onset Pre-e/HELLP
Also was diagnosed a week prior with Dandy Walker....not sure if any correlation exists between the two

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Re: In Memoriam

Postby Cabrera6 » Sat Aug 16, 639902 9:28 am

In loving memory of :

Vito Enrique Cabrera
2 lb 8oz
Dob: 11-27-10. @ 27wk 4 days
Due to severe PE
Died: 3-13-11
You are so loved and desperately missed every
Minute of every day!!!

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Re: In Memoriam

Postby JM11 » Sun Jun 21, 639896 10:09 pm

In loving memory of:

Julian Mireles
- August 14, 2011
- 36 wks

Due to severe pre-eclampsia.

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