Felt like sharing...

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Felt like sharing...

Postby danielleberry » Thu Sep 30, 2004 12:29 am

Hello Ladies,

I just felt like sharing with you today. My husband and I picked up Kathrine's ashes yesterday. I feel sad but on the other hand I am happy that she's here with us. I finding myself constantly looking at her and I can't help but wonder what she sees and how she feels. I cried this morning when I was doing laundry and I don't know why. I miss her so much and I realized that after she passed away, how ready I was to be a mom. I was scared when I first found out that I was pregnant and I wish I could take that feeling away because now I know I'm ready. As I just typed that last line, I want to say that I am a mom. A mom to Kathrine. Even though I cant hold her or see her, see is here with me now.

Thank you all

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