Sharing Chloe

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Re : Sharing Chloe

Postby tracey » Wed Oct 27, 2004 07:07 pm

This was a beautiful tribute -- thank you for sharing.
I'm sorry I missed this until now. Hoping you had a peaceful day.

Big hugs.

mama to
angel Ila Elizabeth (02.06.04), 25w2d ~ severe pe/Class 1 HELLP
pea-in-the-pod, EDD 03.25.05

ann marie
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Re : Sharing Chloe

Postby ann marie » Tue Oct 26, 2004 09:24 am


What a beautiful tribute to Chloe. Hugs,

Ann Marie (29)Moderator for "Ask the Experienced" and "Bedrest"
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Re : Sharing Chloe

Postby sjs40 » Tue Oct 26, 2004 01:48 am

Thanks for sharing Chloe's story Suzanna. Thinking of you and your family today.


Sue (41)
Chris (38)
DD Eleanor Susan (Ellie)
born at 27wks severe PE
24 July 03 - 20 August 03

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Re : Sharing Chloe

Postby space_coaster » Mon Oct 25, 2004 03:19 pm

Suzanna, thanks for sharing Chloe Rose's story with us. It is a sad story, but your love for her comes through so strongly in every word. I wish you peace and a gentle day tomorrow. (((hugs)))

Jocelyn (36)
Mommy to Michelle Elizabeth, 8/25-9/1/04, 24w1d, 1 lb 3 oz, severe PE/HELLP syndrome

Michelle's memorial page:

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Re : Sharing Chloe

Postby rachel » Mon Oct 25, 2004 11:56 am

Thank you so much for sharing your story, Suzanne... I just found out last Monday (Oct.18), that I've lost this baby that I'm carrying. We don't have a reason yet, but the scenario is the same - Dr. appt, and no heartbeat. I'm still carrying the baby, and will probably be induced sometime next week. The hurt and the pain is unbelievable. It helps to know that I'm not the only one to have experienced this hurt. I"ll be thinking & praying for yout tomorrow..

Mommy to Kailee - born at 28 weeks
1lb. 13 oz.
Thrilled about Baby #2 on the way! due: 3/19/05

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Re : Sharing Chloe

Postby heatherbbb » Mon Oct 25, 2004 11:46 am

Your tribute to your beautiful and precious Chloe Rose brought tears to my eyes. Wishing you peace and comfort on this anniversary!

Heather (32)
Mother of Seth Russell, delivered 26 weeks due to PE/HELLP 9/3/03-2/13/04
Due with Joshua Allen -scheduled C-section @ 39 weeks (about Jan 20, 2005), Protein C deficiency & Lupus Anticoagulant (2 Heparin shots/day since 14 weeks)

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Re : Sharing Chloe

Postby danielleberry » Mon Oct 25, 2004 10:55 am


Just wanted to let you know that I'm thinking of you and of everyone who reads this post. I'm so sorry that we have to go through this in life but we will make it through together. Stay strong.


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julie f
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Re : Sharing Chloe

Postby julie f » Mon Oct 25, 2004 10:14 am


Sending you big hugs and lots of prayers for peace and comfort. Your story was beautiful, thank you for sharing it with us.

Much love to you,

Julie (27)
Zachary James, 7/22/03-7/27/03, born at 26wks - severe pe

Miracle in progress... #2 is due February 2005!!!

Southern California Coordinator

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Re : Sharing Chloe

Postby angelkat » Mon Oct 25, 2004 09:47 am


What a sweet tribute. Thank you for sharing. I know this has been a hard time for, know that your in my thoughts and prayers.

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Katlyne's Tribute Site ... ope&Sort=V

for faith
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Re : Sharing Chloe

Postby for faith » Mon Oct 25, 2004 09:21 am

Oh Suzanna ~ Thank you for sharing with us, I am so sorry. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family tomorrow. All of this is so hard to understand. Hope you feel she has made you a better person, I know I feel that way about Faith.


mommy to:
Tyler - 4 (36 wks, PIH/mild PE))
Angel baby - 1/20/03 (11 wks)
Faith Kristine - 1/5/04-1/30/04 (30 weeks due to severe PE, passed due to NEC/Sepsis (preemie complications))

trying for #2 to share our lives with since 09/02

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