Babies R Us...Otherwise known as "Torture"

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Re : Babies R Us...Otherwise known as "Torture"

Postby mel h. » Thu Oct 28, 2004 07:50 pm

I admire you for throwing a shower for your cousin. I have completely avoided them since I lost my daughter in April, including one on Tuesday thrown at work for the wife of my boss. I've noticed that a lot of things end up bothering me that I don't think will, so now I just err on the side of caution and don't put myself in situations where I think I'll get upset. I'm sure your family would understand if you let your mom take the lead on hosting this shower.
I had to come home from the hospital to a furnished nursery. But we've left everything up, with the promise and hope that we'll bring a baby home one day who will live in that room and use the things in there. It's been tough, though.
Good luck with the shower.

Mom of Ashley Ann, born at 25 weeks on April 17 due to severe preeclampsia.

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Babies R Us...Otherwise known as "Torture"

Postby forlogan » Thu Oct 28, 2004 04:15 pm

I've just come from Babies R mom and I are throwing a baby shower for my cousin. I'm so happy for them. It's their first baby and they're my age. They've waited a long time for a baby so I'm happy, but at the same time being at that store was like being in a torture chamber. I was fine while I was there, concentrating on what to buy and what they'll need and all that. But now I'm home and it's like I just want to burst into tears. We weren't far enough along to buy anything for Logan before we lost him, thank God. I don't think I could bear to come home to a newly done nursery. My heart goes out to all of you who have had to take all the baby stuff back. The only thing I had done is go through all of my daughters old baby things and take what I could use for a boy too. I had it all ready, some clothes, shoes, little things...I still have them in the attic. So it wasn't the same. I'm a little nervous about the baby shower. I think I'll be fine, but it seems to be the after shock that's the hardest to deal with. Sorry, everyone for being such a boob![:(] I just needed to vent. DH isn't home from work yet, so he'll get an ear full later and probably a wet shoulder.

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