stillbirth of Sophie

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stillbirth of Sophie

Postby sarah2211 » Sun Oct 31, 2004 03:34 pm

I lost my baby @ 28 weeks on 27th Sep 2004. I had a perfectly healthy pregnancy, in fact i wish it had been more eventful, no morning sickness nothing. I felt her move after 22 weeks but only slightly. All my ultrasounds were great, she was a healthy baby.
I went to a party one night and my ancles swelled so much that i had to go home on bare feet, and now i think on it, although i never looked, my shoes were tighter on me for some weeks b4, i didnt think anything of it.
But now my ankles were twice as big, i coulntn get my wedding rings on and my face was swollen, after some persuation from my mum, i went to docs and my blood pressure was high, so it was a weeks bedrest 4 me, but i was too active i couldnt stay in bed but never the less took it easy.
I was up maybe 10 times a night to the loo and in the morning my ankles were always down again.
On 22nd Sep I has protien in my urine, but the doc said it may be a urine innfection and he heard the heartbeat so i was realeaved so he sent me home. I also mentioned to him that i had been feeling no movement at all tha week, he didnt seem concerned.
2 days later I had lost the baby, I havent had the results from all of my tests yet but the bloods were all fine, i dont kno if the placenta will show anything or not i go on 3rd nov.
I am sure it was something to do with preeclampsia as i thought the doc had ignored the 3 main warning signs with me, but next time I wont let him just let me go home if im concerned.

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