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Re : Another new and confused Canadian

Posted: Thu Mar 09, 2006 11:53 am
by cassie05
I think you should call your doc and if they wont see you any earlier then head on into L&D, those pressures are too high

Re : Another new and confused Canadian

Posted: Thu Mar 09, 2006 09:24 am
by alessels
Good Morning Girls,

My first blood pressure this morning was 145/100, I waited 15 minutes and got another reading of 140/103.
I do have an appointment at 2:00 with the Doctor today.
Should I wait to see or go to the hospital?


Re : Another new and confused Canadian

Posted: Wed Mar 08, 2006 08:37 pm
by alessels
Hi Girls,

Sabrina- At least you can expect to be basically delivered at 37 weeks, I think that is a good thing, plus it's not like the Baby would be a preemie.

Jenn- I hear it over and over again how lucky I am to at least have an OBGYN watching me, I think that is so sad.

I am so sick of being Pregnant Guys, this bed rest thing stinks.
I have a feeling my Doctor will just let me miserable until I go into labor.

My blood pressure has been fine today, still have those headaches and 1+ on the urine.
Went for another blood test yesterday, I think my Doc should have the results by tomorrow when I see her.

Take Care,


Re : Another new and confused Canadian

Posted: Mon Mar 06, 2006 10:49 pm
by jen44
Hey Adri,

I know what you mean about Calgary being so booming -- I am in Vancouver and its not as crazy here but there are definitely shortages and problems finding family doctors. We have "maternity clinics" out here where you can see a OBGYN for the duration of your pregnancy and then you are switched back to your family doctor after you give birth. I was switched over from the OBGYN to a high risk OB at 28 weeks for my complications and he was great. My family doctor "knows a little about a lot of things" is how I like to put it. Whenever I've got a specific problem that needs more attention, she refers me to a specialist which works out great. She has all my history and she can take my entire medical history into account when looking at my health issues, and I think that is important. Plus, I've been with her since I was 13 so she knows me pretty well! Anyways, I just wanted to say hello, hope things are status quo for now, sorry about those headaches - that can be tough -- take good care of yourself and get lots of rest... keep us updated!

Re : Another new and confused Canadian

Posted: Mon Mar 06, 2006 06:45 pm
by missgamecock
Not sure how it works for everyone just what my drs have told me. Now that my htn is chronic and with my history, I am at risk for pe or pih. Stinks, but that is life. At least I know that I can get good prenatal care and be watched like a hawk. Only way I would consider another.

Re : Another new and confused Canadian

Posted: Mon Mar 06, 2006 04:01 pm
by alessels
Hi Guys,

Hope everyone is having a great week.
I barely got out of bed yesterday, my head has been killing me, blood pressure was fine yesterday and today though.

Sabrina- I can't imagine being seen only by a family Doc either, my husband thinks that they are just as knowledgeable, but I totally disagree.
He thinks his Family Doc is the best and he has misdiagnosed me in the past. When I first got pregnant, my HPT were coming out negative, but my period was late.
The Doctor didn't even think of doing a blood test to see if I was PG or not, he just said that that wasn't possible, 3 weeks later I was having morning sickness and was sure that I PG, went back and demanded a blood test, much to his surprise I was PG.

So apparently your risks for PIH are more due to your previous history, right?
Is that how it works with everyone?

Fiona- The shortage of labour here is incredible, the economy couldn't be better, but there are the downs about it too.
Customer service sucks because places are so desperate for help, real estate is going up every month, it's hard for newcomers to find housing since there is no vacancy.
This city especially is so young, the average age is 35, so everyone is having Babies.

Anyway, my nurse should be here shortly, so I have to go.
Talk to you guys soon,


Re : Another new and confused Canadian

Posted: Sun Mar 05, 2006 03:10 pm
by fiona

I was just reading about the situation in Alberta in the paper this week. It seems that there's a major crisis in maternity provision due to the booming economy - and a booming birthrate.

Still, I'm surprised you can't get a referral to a high risk OB - most regular Drs don't want the responsibility of a difficult pregnancy. Can you be signed over just to the Peri?

I think it's great that the nurse is coming in and you're being closely monitored.

Re : Another new and confused Canadian

Posted: Sun Mar 05, 2006 12:25 am
by missgamecock
Well with Sara, it was the icing on the cake. My peri said as soon as she saw me that I was done. She came into the waiting room to bring me back and she said I looked awful and I told her I felt awful. She asked what my bps were and I told her. She said those are stroke level my dear. Today is the day. I told her I had been in contact with my ob. That's when she said let's find a reason to have a baby today. Then she told me it would be up to my ob for the decision. Quite frankly I think he knew I was done but he wanted the peri's advice and he absolutely wanted that last US done. When he had seen me the day before, he said that if anything changed, the peri would call him. He told me DO NOT MISS that appt. ummm, I hadn't missed one yet, I don't know why he would think I would all of a sudden start. So I don't think he was too suprised to get the call during lunch. He had my appts with him and the peri memorized. It just ended up when they did the NST, she had already left a message for him but it was lunch time and his office closes, that Sara had decels on the NST. It was after I got my medical records when I found out that they were late decels. Late decels are a bad thing because it means that something is seriously wrong. Every piece of research I could find called it omnimous. Meaning bad and she was starting to go into distress. Early decels are not as bad as late. I saw the decels on the strip at her office and thought, I have never seen that on a strip before. But everything happened so fast and she was like you have to go to the hospital NOW. Do not pass go, do not collect $200, just go. Your ob is waiting for you. She never mentioned the decels. My ob when he came over from the office to check me in said, Today is the day! I understand baby had some decels but that is ok cause she is coming out today. I was like WHAT? Then he started giving the nurse her orders for me. My OB cared about my well being, but I didn't want to be transferred like I was with Kirsten. I wanted MY doc that I had had the entire pregnancy. Unfortunately, I live in a small town that has a small rural hospital (only 126 beds). They have no advance care for sick infants and no NICU. I thought that they could care for a RSV baby cause Sara had RSV in January. Nope they transfer them by ambulance or air to Childrens. So my ob was trying to abide by my wishes but also trying to make sure that Sara could breathe on her own. When it came time to induce, the first thing I asked the peri besides asking if Sara was ok was can I go back home and have her. She said yep, but let me check with Dr XXX first because you are preterm and they may want you to go to Children's.

If your bps are high, they should not be allowing you to go overdue. I think the most my ob was willing to keep me pregnant period was 37 weeks. I am dying to know how long for next time. I figure that way I can just tell myself I am due at 37 weeks. I have a thing about not getting through the last month.

Anyway, if I ever get pregnant again, my Primary Care Dr will NOT touch me with a ten foot pole and she has already told me that. She said I was too high risk for her and that if I got pregnant I am going immediately back to my ob, no ifs, ands, or buts. I meant to ask my ob the last time if he would be taking over my total care. Meaning if I get a sinus infection, do I call him or my pcp. Last time, I saw my pcp (different one, I changed after Sara was born for bronchitis and stuff). But this pcp is clearly not comfortable with caring for me as a pregnant woman. I know that a lot of OBs will totally care for the patient while pregnant. They are also trained as pcps too. It was the mw who put me on bedrest when I came in for an appt when I had severe bronchitis. So I imagine he can do it. It would probably be easier because the pcps ask what meds can you take while pregnant, ummmm your the doc! My pcp is also not comfortable with complicated GYN issues either. She can do regular exams and some issues but I have been having awful GYN issues since Sara was born and she is like go talk with Dr XXXX about that. That is his specialty. But if it is primary care, no problem!

I can't imagine being seen by a family doc and then being delivered by someone you don't know at the hospital. Well ok I can because my ob with Kirsten dumped me and left me to rot in the hospital for 9 days before she came to see me. That was only because I called the base and said I was leaving the next day. She thought she should be the one to try and convince me to stay. HAH. I was like done with you, I want to see an American dr. So I had a dr that I did not know and drs that I did not have a clue as to who they were caring for me. It was like a dark curtain and not knowing anything. The only reason I know I was passed from each oncall doc was because I finally got my medical records. There were only four times that I remember talking with a dr in the days before and after delivery. Once when they came in and said that they were terminating the pregnancy (sounds like I was having an abortion or something, it was awful to hear that), once when I crashed and the dr on call said I was really sick and they needed to start another iv line (mag sulfate, ick), when Kirsten was born, and when my original ob tried to talk me into staying a few more days. Kirsten was born in a Belgian hospital because we were living overseas at the time with the military.

Being on bp medicine, while it is awful to be on is probably for the best. I certainly didn't want to be on it and every time my ob raised it made me think My goodness if this is hard on me what is it doing to my baby. However my ped says that is what allowed Sara to grow and be healthy. I wasn't nearly on as much meds with Kirsten (27 weeks, 750mg of Aldomet a day) vs Sara (17 weeks, increased with frequency to 2000mg of Aldomet and 60mg of Procardia a day). My ped says that that made all the difference for Sara that I had good prenatal care.

Wow this got long. Sorry. You are going tobe fine. Just stay on top of things and head on in if needed. Let us know how things are going.

Re : Another new and confused Canadian

Posted: Sun Mar 05, 2006 01:23 am
by alessels
Hi Jen and Sabrina,

While I was at the Hospital I saw a high risk pregnancy Doctor who was wonderful, she was the one that discharged me and said that she was going put me in the home care program, I asked if we had to submit it to our insurance plan and she said that Alberta Health Care Plan would cover it.
I arrived home on Wednesday night, Thursday morning I got a phone call from a nurse confirming my address and telling me that she would be here at noon.
I have to say that has been one of the things that I am very impressed at from our health plan, I have lived in the States and had a really good coverage, but I know for a fact that it wouldn’t of cover this.

She came here again today, she usually looks at my chart to see what I have recorded, puts me in a monitor, answers all the questions, etc.
She asked today if we had a chance to finish the Child Birth Classes, I said no, then she said that she can loan us any videos that we would like to see and that she actually teaches Child Birth Classes and could go over anything we wanted her to.
This part of it I am very satisfied and impressed.

About the Doctor- When I asked if I could switch or not, they said that there is a pool of Doctors and you get whichever one is accepting new patients. There is a shortage of Doctors and you basically should just be grateful that you have one. Apparently there are women who just see their Family Doctor the whole time and only see an OBGYN when they walk into the hospital.
That part is scary, I keep on thinking if a family Doctor would be knowledgeable enough to deal with something as serious as PIH and other problems.

Jen- Where in Canada do you live at?

Sabrina- you were induced early because Sarah had de-cels, right?
I would hate for them to just make sure that the Baby is ok though.
I would hope that a Mom’s well being is just as important, at least I feel like my Doctor doesn’t care as much about my well- being.

Apparently the next step is to keep me on BP medication is if it doesn’t stay down, personally I don’t want that.
I feel like if I can hold this Baby until 38 weeks, it will be ideal for the baby and I can live with that, but 40-42 weeks is a lot, I am already so miserable at home and I am still not well.

I am a little concerned today because I was at home resting all day and my blood pressure has been in the lower 90’s, I hope that it doesn’t stay like this and it will go back down again. Protein wise, I have been having 1+, which I guess it is small.

Talk to you guys tomorrow.
XO, Adri

PS- Your kids are ADORABLE btw.

Re : Another new and confused Canadian

Posted: Fri Mar 03, 2006 05:13 pm
by missgamecock
Yeah I was curious about at home nursing care. It has GOT to be easier than be on bedrest and constantly dragging yourself to the ob's office. Did they give you a reason as to why you could not switch?? I would ask. Who was it that said you couldn't switch, was it a receptionist, nurse, or the dr. I find that most of the time when I call my ob's office, he is in line with what I am thinking although his nurses are not. He usually gives different advice when I call in than the nurse. If it was a receptionist or a nurse, I would call and ask to have that dr call me back personally. They can't possibly be so busy that they can't talk with you for 5 minutes.

Your dr has the right to say no to tests they think are unnecessary because the report that they get from a peri is just suggestions and guidelines. But you can ask him to please mark it in the file that you and the peri requested these tests and he declined them. The only reason that I know that the final decision is up to your dr is because my peri warned me before she made the call that the decision to deliver was up to my ob because he was my primary care giver. She actually said let me think up a good reason to induce. But turned out Sara gave her a very good reason any way. I personally couldn't see my ob going against the peri's advice.