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Re : Another new and confused Canadian

Posted: Sun Feb 26, 2006 00:08 am
by cassie05
Chronic HTN is chronic hypertension, some of the women who get pe already have high blood pressure, then there are people like me who have normal blood pressure. The baseline tests are to get accuarate # of what your body is doing so it can be compared if the pe is to get worse. For me I had a baseline 24 hour urine collection at about 14 weeks this pregnancy. I also had labs drawn to check my liver and kidney function, all these tests are so my docs can keep an eye on what reaction my body has as I get further along. Yes women can get pe at any time, any pregnancy, regardless of the partner. Alot of women only get pe in their first pregnancy and never have a problem again, then there are women who get is in every pregnancy, sometimes more or less severe and it can happen sooner or later than the previous pregnancy. There are also women who get it in some pregnancies but not others. My Mother in law for example had pe in her 5th pregnancy (which so happened to be when she was pregnant with my hubby) and had never had a problem prior to that. There are so many unknowns with pe, we can never predict how things will go. You really do need to do a 24 hour urine, like we said before the dips are NOT always accurate, they arent accurate when they do them on me, you need to have an actual # for the protien being spilled. If your headache doesnt go away then go in again, demand a 24 hour urine and labs be drawn, dont wait til its too late. Some women go on to have siezures or worse because of what pe has done to them and like i said before it can have really bad effects on baby too. Please be careful....5 hours is nothing when it comes to your and your babies life.

Re : Another new and confused Canadian

Posted: Sat Feb 25, 2006 11:22 pm
by alessels
Thank you so much Ladies for your advise and concern.
I am really glad that I found this site.

I did call the Hospital recently and complained about my headache (AGAIN).
She said that looking at my chart everything looks fine, I may be getting migraine for some reason.
Blood pressure has been fine, so it's not a concern for me to go in.

I agree with you Fiona, taking my blood pressure when I have been lying down for an hour doesn't really give me a piece of mind.
I live in Canada and believe our Healthcare system is different here, I used to live in US and paid a fortunate for my health plan, but it was in a way nicer that I was taken more seriously by Doctors. Here in Canada everyone gets the same care, it's not horrible, but very different for sure.
My OBGYN for instance only sees patients on Thursdays, so I have to wait till Thursday to see her, I can go to Labor and Delivery, but then I am there for 5 hours.
One of the reasons I finally got the blood pressure monitor is so I can monitor it here, call them when I am concerned.
They always tell me to go in if I want to, but I rather not, if I can avoid it.
They did give me some urine Dip sticks, but I can't read them, I tried to search on the internet, but didn't find anything.

Sabrina, what is chronic HTN? Sorry for my ignorance, I am so new to all of this.
I assume you are pregnant again, right?
What is going on?

Fiona, what is a baseline test?

Lori, were you having issues with your BP when you were at 13 weeks?

Do women get PE in other pregnancies too, even if it is with the same partner?
I heard that it is common in first pregnancies.

Thanks again Ladies for your help and support.
Reading your stories and advise have been very helpful, I haven't been feeling like I am crazy so much like before.



Re : Another new and confused Canadian

Posted: Sat Feb 25, 2006 09:43 pm
by lorelei
I agree with the other ladies. Better to be safe than sorry. You are so close. Don't feel like an idiot. Things can progress so rapidly and the effects can be devastating. I was on bedrest for 13 weeks in my first pregnancy and literally I was "fine" one morning and that afternoon my bp shot up and wouldn't come down under 180/120 and I remember very very little about giving birth to my baby. Please take care of yourself and keep us posted.

Re : Another new and confused Canadian

Posted: Sat Feb 25, 2006 09:36 pm
by fiona
Not to alarm you, but the headache we are really concerned with here is not necessarily connected to BP. It can be a sign of swelling in the brain - which, of course, is very serious.

If you have taken Tylenol and you still have a persistent headache, then more investigation needs to be taken. Also, it's all very well to have you lie down before taking your BP, but it should be taken sitting up: please keep a record of your BPs to show to your Dr.

When is your next appointment? I would be asking for baseline tests: 24 hr urine, blood panels....

And, as the others have said, if you are at all worried or feel worse, please get checked out again.

Re : Another new and confused Canadian

Posted: Sat Feb 25, 2006 09:23 pm
by missgamecock
Also keep a log of the time and pressures and how they were taken (sitting or laying down). I also had to log in my meds as well which was a pain. I worked more on bedrest with Sara than I did in real life. It was a full time job keeping track of all of that.

Like Cass says, you have to be proactive in your care. I am having issues now that my obgyn is dealing with. Not pe or pih but GYN. But I have had to make sure that they took me seriously and I guess he does now because he tells me to CALL him if anything is wrong. Someone once told me that they get a ton of women with the same complaints. So when they get one where something really is wrong, they may overlook it at first as normal because if it really was that bad you would be calling. It is YOUR job to make them understand. Sometimes you have to push and push and be a pain in the butt. I know it is easier said than done. Because I have posted lately about my issues and everyone is like CALL the dr and let him know. Same thing for you. If anything changes, call. Now I really feel like the pot calling the kettle black, lol.

Re : Another new and confused Canadian

Posted: Sat Feb 25, 2006 09:06 pm
by alessels
Hi Cassie,
Thanks for sharing your story.
Wow, after listening to you guys I realize how really scary this is.
I am really WOWED by these stories.

I did buy a blood pressure monitor today, so I have been monitoring at home.
Blood pressure has been fine because I am moderately bed ridden, but my headaches are still here.

Hope everyone is having a good weekend.


Re : Another new and confused Canadian

Posted: Sat Feb 25, 2006 02:04 pm
by cassie05
HI and welcome, dont let the doctors dismiss your pains or symptoms, dont ever be worried about being a pain. Like the others have said pe can go from ok, to bad, to worse in a matter of hours. ALot of people never realize anything is wrong and think they are just experienceing normal pregnancy issues. Sadly some moms and their babies do die from pe. As for my story with my son, I had really bad upper right quadrant pain around 24 weeks, went to an L&D that was close by, my bp was high and no one ever checked my urine, the doc said I had heartburn. A week or two later the pain was still horrible, I finally called into my local hospital and saw a family practice doctor, again high bp, no urine check, he said my ribs were inflamed. I had been dealing with swelling, headaches and blurry vision for awhile. I started to moniter my own bp at home and once the #s were above 140/90 I finally called into L&D and was told to come in ASAP. I was diagnosed with mild pe and symptoms of HELLP, and was hospitalized. THe next day I was sent home on complete bedrest. I went in many times that week to have labs drawn, turn in 24 hour urines and such. FInally a random doc said I needed to come in the next day to begin steriod injections to mature my sons lungs just in case he came early. I went in for my last shot and was admitted and started on magnesium sulfate to prevent siezures, the next morning I was transfered to another hospital an hour away. My son was born that night at 27 weeks 4 days. In a nutshell, i was dying and so was my son. Had the doctors not been taking me seriously my son and I would not be here today.
Tell them to have you do a 24 hour urine, basically you pee in a big jug for 24 hours to get an accuarte # of the protien you are spilling, the office dips are NOT always accurate, mine never are. Please if you have to, go to L&D every day, dotn let them ignore you. Push them, you are the only one who can speak for you and your baby.

Re : Another new and confused Canadian

Posted: Sat Feb 25, 2006 01:04 pm
by alessels
Hello again,
Thank you so much for sharing your stories, this is really scary.

Here's an update of what happened:
Got to the hospital, they put me on the Baby monitor, asked me to lie down on my right side, I was there for about an hour before they checked my blood pressure.
Finally it was done and the numbers were 149/87 which is not that bad, then as usual it came down.
Then I had to wait for the Doctor to discharge me, again: I was told that I am fine; go home, get some rest and stay off your feet.

This is so Frustrating, this headache doesn't go away, I told her that I am afraid I overdosed in Tylenol and I still have a headache.
I feel like an idiot again because it seems that it's all in my head.

Anyway, thanks again for listening.
I guess I just need to stay off my feet like I have been, wait and see.

Hope everyone is having a good day.


Re : Another new and confused Canadian

Posted: Sat Feb 25, 2006 02:03 am
by fiona
Coming to this late - but very glad you're getting checked out. Please be aware that the urine dipsticks are very unreliable: the best test for protein is a 24hr urine .

Let us know how you get on.

Re : Another new and confused Canadian

Posted: Sat Feb 25, 2006 00:18 am
by jen44
I'm so glad you are going back to get checked out again, I can imagine it must be frustrating but better SAFE than SORRY, I say. I assume when you read this you are home and have been given some direction on what to do. I hope things are OK.

My story is a little different. I developed high blood pressure early on in my pregnancy, around 18 weeks I think. I was put on BP meds when my BP hit 140/90. I continued to see the regular OBGYN until I was about 28 weeks when the OBGYN didn't think he could handle my care with enough certainly, which I appreciated. He sent me to a High Risk doctor who evaluated me and by this time I was on both bedrest and quite a few BP meds and each week I would add another one because it would work for a few days and then it would rise again.

I remember going for my 32 week check up and I just felt really "bad". I was horribly swollen (just like how you describe) couldn't see my ankles or wear shoes of any kind. I couldn't close my fists my fingers were so swollen. My face was swollen too. I had NO protein at all and no blurred vision or headaches, so basically it was just PIH. When I went for that 32 week check up, the doctor took one look at me, took my BP a few times (didn't give me the reading, it must have been really bad) and sent me to the hospital, don't pass go, don't collect $200. I was admitted immediately and spent the next four weeks there under strict bedrest and lots of meds.

The day I turned 36 weeks, I was induced with the gel twice, spent 24 hours in labour but didn't progress at all so I had a c-section the next day. By that time I was on 25 pills of medication per day and my blood pressure was 185/110 the day I delivered. It was severe. I never had any protein or blurred vision, however my doctors were really worried about seizures so they didn't want to wait any longer.

Luka was born a healthy 6lbs, 6oz. and he stayed in my room with me that night. We went home 3 days later and my BP resolved itself within two weeks. The swelling got worse after delivery, but within about two weeks it was gone as well.