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Re : Just saying Hi

Postby keegan » Sun Jan 13, 2008 10:26 pm

Good luck to you both! I hope all goes well.

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Re : Just saying Hi

Postby kezt777 » Mon Oct 29, 2007 09:17 pm

hi candice :) im in alberta but have been to the island and its GORGEOUS! hope to go back some day!

i hope everything will go alright with your pregnancy but i understand your fears. im not sure what to make of my own current situation because im only 13 weeks but had protein show up last week (above normal levels but im not sure exact amount because it was sent for testing and i havent heard yet), and my blood pressure went to 150/90 that same day. i had a UTI so im not sure if that affected it or not but i guess i dont have a 'good feeling' about this. i had chronic UTIs with my second child and never had a worry come up about proteins being present. i had PIH with her and ended up with every sign of PE apart from the proteins so they induced me 10 days early. i had PE with my first child but it didnt develop til i was about a month from due date, not fully discovered til week 36. i was induced at 37 weeks and my son was fine. this time around i am worried about the proteins showing up and having my bp suddenly shoot up like that. the next day it was slightly higher again, and today it was still 155/90 even tho i have been on the meds since last wednesday. its a bit worrisome because i have everyone telling me that PE does not develop this early, however i have looked at many pe websites that say its rare, but it can. or at least may be an idicator of pe developing at a later date. ive seen studies talking about if you have high bp and protein before 20 weeks, it can lead to PE superimposed on PIH or HELLP syndrome. i dont want to stress but i want to be prepared. i had vaginal infections, kidney infections, and UTIs with my second child but still did not present proteins in my urine. one combination of kidney infection and vaginal infection put me in hospital at 30 weeks but the rest of my tests were always fine... so im not sure what to make of this. im trying to be patient for the test results lol but its hard feeling like you might be a ticking time bomb. i have gone to bed with splitting headaches for two weeks now, so bad i cant find a spot to lay my head down, and tylenol doesnt lessen it at all. ive had heart palpitations so loud a few times, i was sure everyone else would be able to hear it or see my chest pounding. so its a bit scary!

but im glad there are places like this to come and talk about things, get ideas for what to ask doctors, tests to do (like 24 hour urine, etc), what different doctors to see, etc etc. and to talk to others who share the same concerns and fears. i havent had this many blood and urine tests before and im only 13 weeks along! the technician at the clinic is starting to know me by name and its a bit freaky. but one thing that i keep in mind is that my doc is trying to stay on top of things and make sure i get monitored. he knows it can hit hard and fast so whether im 13 or 20 or 30 weeks, im confident he will be paying attention.

good luck with your appts and tests. let us know what happens!

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Just saying Hi

Postby daneowner33 » Mon Oct 29, 2007 04:43 pm

Just thought I would introduce myself. We live on Vancouver Island near Victoria, BC. I think its great to see the Canadian link on here!

So a little bit about me. We (as in me and babe) are 21 weeks with very high protein levels showing up (21/2 times the normal limit) already so my gp/maternity doc. has referred me to a Nephrologist for further testing. The wait is whats making me crazy. Not sure what they are looking for? Apparently I have to have more diagnostics before seeing her, really can't figure out what they are looking for and I don't get to see her for three more weeks so she will have time to get the test results back - oh fun! Has anyone else been through this? This is a first for me with preeclampsia.

My daugther is 131/2 now and we had PIH with her but managed to make it to term - pretty mild PIH I think. Our son is going to be 4 tomorrow and we had preeclampsia with him. Tons of ultrasounds, non-stress tests, meeting with specialists, preterm labour and tons of bedrest and we still managed to make it to 38 weeks before being induced. He was a full 7lb9oz so all in all things went pretty good considering.

This pregnancy has just been so scary with the protein levels and all the headaches. I am heading off to my dr's today to try and get more answers.

Take care everyone.


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