Looking for Canadian Support

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Re : Looking for Canadian Support

Postby kara » Sun Nov 29, 2009 05:31 pm

I know we have a big handful of Canadian's around here, they typically post in the main forums. Since you posted here though, I'm sure they'll be around to say hello!

We are starting a new Local Groups Program and would love to get a Canadian chapter (or two, I know it's a big country). If any of you are interested in getting together with other PF members in your area, please fill it out our more in-depth registration/application. We'd love to be able to connect people locally. Toward the end of this online registration, you'll be able to choose what area's of the PF interest you. Pick all that apply, and in the "Other" box, notate "Local Group". We will start matching up people within driving distance/state/province as best we can!

Here's the registration:
http://www.zoomerang.com/Survey/survey- ... 29RKW9VP5N

Just fill it in and click submit!

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Re : Looking for Canadian Support

Postby myangel » Sun Nov 29, 2009 12:49 am

Hello Alexandre. It's nice to talk to another Canadian.

I live in Ottawa and have a fabulous 11 month old boy. I was induced at 34 weeks with PE. He was in the hospital's special care nursery for the first 11 days days with Apnea spells then a few days later started to refuse to eat for the nurses. So I spent a couple days in the hospital with him so that I could feed him every time and he was able to come home with me on day 11. I can't believe they sent you home with a sick preemie, even if it was only a mild temp. I'm glad you're both doing better now.

I am currently 24 weeks pregnant with #2 and am really nervous about getting PE again. So far everything seems to be fine. BP at 135/80. And I have a fabulous OB who I trust. She listens to my concerns as well. If I call with a problem or a question she always finds time to fit me into her schedule that day (I try not to do that too much).



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Looking for Canadian Support

Postby josey18 » Wed Oct 21, 2009 03:10 pm

Looks as though there hasn't been too many posts recently so I thought I'd post to try to get some conversations going!

I live in Calgary and have an amazing 2 year old boy. He had to be delivered at 31 weeks due to PE & had a rough first 9 weeks. The first five weeks were spent at the PLC NICU & was discharged sick with a very low temp. We were at Children's the next morning with a severely ill preemie. Too make a very long & tough story short, he spent 4 weeks at ACH and finally came home on nasal supplemental oxygen for 3 months. Now, you would never know he had such a rough start.

My PE started about week 28; I had horrible prenatal care and am now a very outspoken & demanding patient because of it! We are trying for baby number 2... this time around I am much more educated & aware.

I hope to meet other Canadian Moms to share experiences & information with.

If any one lives in Calgary I would like to hear about your doctors & the care you received from various hospitals!

Thanks Kim

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