yet another one of my dumb questions

Are you pregnant again after having preeclampsia once already in a previous pregnancy? Post your thoughts/concerns here - there are others who share your feelings. This is also the home of our Bedrest Buddies Support group.
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Re : yet another one of my dumb questions

Postby mamc2003 » Sat Aug 29, 637361 7:42 pm

I labored for ten hours before my c/s with Audrey. With Avery, I had been planning for a VBAC, but when my PE worsened at 34w6d, the dr had me come in the next morning for a c/s. I wasn't checked for dilation or anything. They just came in, set up an IV and did an epidural. When that didn't work, the dr did a spinal, then we went in and had the c/s. HTH

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Re : yet another one of my dumb questions

Postby trina7020 » Sat Aug 29, 637361 9:03 am

I had a c/s with my first and wanted to try and VBAC this time around. But my doctor doesn't want me going past my due date and won't induce because the risks of uterine rupture are higher after a c/s... So unless I go into labor in the next few days I have a c/s scheduled for Friday one day pat my due date..

SO I guess in answer to your question.. if you need to deliver early they will just do the c/s with out inducing labor.

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Re : yet another one of my dumb questions

Postby christinab » Sat Aug 29, 637361 8:42 am

I have had three c-sections. The first was becasue of PreE and HELLP. i guess you could call that labor
Since, I had a classical c-section, I am not allowed to go into to labor. The doctors told me that my uterus could hemmorage if I went into labor. So, depending on how long I can carry, I will automatically delivery at 36wks. As long as I dont have any complications throughout the pregnancy.

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Re : yet another one of my dumb questions

Postby mom2tori » Sat Aug 29, 637361 8:30 am

I was guaranteed that I would have Victoria early and the day she was born they came into my room-I was on hospital bedrest for a little over 3 weeks-and they said noon is when we are doing your csection. I was never in labor and was told I will probably never be

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julie f
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Re : yet another one of my dumb questions

Postby julie f » Sat Aug 29, 637361 8:01 am

I had a repeat C with my second and never was in any sort of labor. I went in for an appt on Friday and my OB said, "How about a baby on Monday?" Monday morning we went in, got all hooked up to everything (IVs, monitors, catheter [xx(], etc.) About two hours later, my baby boy was here!

And, there are nooooooo dumb questions![:D]

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Re : yet another one of my dumb questions

Postby timelessbeauty » Sat Aug 29, 637361 3:50 am

It depends on the situation, sometimes they start you out to get things started I have heard but many times if you are going in for a c-section, they don't want you going into labor due to the risks involved with why you are having the c-section in the first place. Plus I have heard many say they enjoy going in and coming out with a baby and not have to deal with being in labor. I'd say, unless you go prematurely into labor, you will most likely not have to be "induced" before your c-section.


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Re : yet another one of my dumb questions

Postby missgamecock » Sat Aug 29, 637361 2:40 am

I never had a csection, only threatened with one. But from what I understand, when it is a repeat, you schedule it and off to the operating room you go.

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Re : yet another one of my dumb questions

Postby jrmerritt » Sat Aug 29, 637361 12:53 am

When I was pregnant with my second child I had planned on having a repeat c-section. Due to complications with my PE I ended going in to labor due to an abruption, but what they told before that was on the day I was scheduled to go in for my c-section that I would be taken directly to the operating room. They only induce you if you want to have a vaginal birth. Hope everything works out for you.

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Re : yet another one of my dumb questions

Postby lorelei » Sat Aug 29, 637361 12:07 am

I don't know 100% bc I've not had a csection, but as far as I know you will just have your section w/out laboring. I have heard of some drs inducing labor bc it is supposed to help with the baby..I want to say maybe get the stuff out of their lungs, prior to doing the c/s. My dr mentioned that to me when I was preggers w/my first bc they were looking at doing a c/s as he was breech at the time.

I am sure others will respond that have that experience.

Love your avatar, by the way~

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yet another one of my dumb questions

Postby miriam » Fri Aug 28, 637361 11:42 pm

[:)]You'd think I hadn't done this before or something!

Anyway, I had an emergency csec at 30 weeks with my son. I have mild pe right now and the docs are saying there is no question that I'll delivery early again. My question is - if I know that I'm having a csec, will I have to be given drugs to induce labor or do they just do the csec without you needing to be in labor?

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