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Hey all! Well sorry I haven't had much time to get on here and tell you all what has happened! But.. I'll go ahead right now!
Saturday morning thru-out the day I felt odd, weird, however you'd like to explain it, as if something was going on. I had a bunch of symptoms, blurred vision, headache, loss of appetite, etc. So that nite, i called the doctor (my doc was out of town, so I had to talk to the on call Doc) so i told him what was going on, and he said for me to come on out to the hospital and they'd check me out. Sooo.. I went out there, they checked my BP, and they hooked me up to a monitor (for me and baby) and said I was having contractions (which i didn't know, because I never knew what they felt like), the nurse said they were braxton hicks, i'm like allrighty then whatever, lol. So then they checked to see how dialated I was, and I was at a 1, so I was quite shocked, I didn't know I could get dialated being having a c-section, but apperiantly you can! So she checked me about 30 mins later, and I was dialated to a 2! Well then she said well, let me go call the doctor on call and tell him, but i think we're gonna go ahead and take him tonite. BOY was I scared to DEATH!!! Then she came back in and said Ok looks like we're going to take him tonite! I couldn't believe it was about to happen. I mean I knew i was going to have to go thru it on the 10th, but already?? It was good though because atleast i got it over with, i didn't have to get all scared and nervous again on the 10th. They wanted to go ahead and take it for 2 reasons, 1 being i was already dialated to a 2, and they didn't want me to go into more labor then I already was, and 2 they saw no point of waiting 6 more days to come back and have him when i already was there. SOO at 10:47 that nite, Braden Alexander Martinez was born! at 7 lbs even, 19.5 inches long, there he was, the most beautiful baby boy i have ever seen. I fell in love with him the first time his eyes looked in mine. The whole c/section ordeal wasn't THAT bad.. it didn't hurt by any means, but it felt VERY weird to have someone messing around with your inside and you not even knowing it since your body is numb. It's crazy, but I think i would have much rather had a csection then vaginal. It was very freezing in the operating room, so once they put the epi. in my back, I felt a little bit of pressure, it didn't feel too good, but it was tolerable. They didn't let my husband in there WHILE i was getting my epi, and i was really pissed. So once they got the epi in my back and layed down I said CAN I PLEASE HAVE MY HUSBAND IN HERE NOW! so they went and got him, and he was right by my head the whole time, holding my hand. once the meds starting getting inside of me from the epi, life was grand. My body was warm again, and i felt relaxed.. the only thing I hated was as I was laying on the operating table, i was shaking like CRAZY, from the epi i'm sure, and being nervous, and freezing, my shaking was uncontrollable, but it stopped about 2 hours later. So after waiting 20 mins of cutting and digging, i finally heard my baby cry his first cry, and right then and there i knew i was in love with him. So after they washed him up and did all the things that they had to do, my husband held him beside me, in his arms the rest of the hour while they stiched me up. So then they lifted me up off the table onto another one, and wheeled me off to the recovery room. I was still shivering and shaking from everything, but atleast i finally got to see my family. 2 people at a time got to come in and see me, I got to get into my regular room at about 1:15 in the morning. I then got to hold my baby for the first time. When my family left, my husband pulled out the chair that turned into a bed, and went to sleep. Me on the other hand didn't sleep for 2 days straight, 1. hospitals dont agree with me, i hate them, and 2, my emotions were crazy, i felt alone, and sad, and happy, and confused, and everything all at once, therefore i couldn't possibly sleep. So after the next morning my husband woke up and visitors came, and i continued to lay in that damn uncomfortable hospital bed for yet another 2 misreble days. and BOY was it misreble. the 2nd nite I was there, the nurse made me walk to the bathroom myself, but before I did! Oh My GOD.. out came the catheder, out came the IV, and i was no longer hooked up to my epi anymore .. i thought i was going to more meds making me feel good! my incision hurt! my back hurt! my * hurt! everything hurt inside of me and outside of me. But I did realize, after i was up, Id rather be up then back in bed, after that nite, the 3rd day came.. I was feelin a bit better.. UNTIL the doc. said I had to stay one more nite, then I freaked. no way was I about to stay again. I had a little bit of toxiema, so I had high blood pressure and a fever, ok.. so I have toxiema, all youre making me do is drink plenty of water, and lay on my left side, I can do that at home. So agreed, I went home that evening and drank plenty of water and laid on my left side as i did at the hospital. So he said make an appt. with your doc. 2 days from now to remove your staples, ok done. Im all healed now. I go back for my postpartum appt. on Nov 20th for a PAP SMEAR omg I hate those!!!! BUT.. My baby Braden is now 1 month old today, and we are both doing WONDERFUL! he now weighs 8 lbs 9 oz, and is about 21 inches long. I have lots and lots of pictures if you all would like to look at them please email me at, and I will be happy to send them to you. :)
After all of this lovely typing, I yet have one more subject I need to ask you all about, I need some help ASAP about this..
I had him 1 month ago, and me and my husband didn't want to wait to have sex after 6 weeks, so we went ahead and started 2 weeks ago, and have about 3-4 times now. Yes.. unprotected sex at that. So my question is.. When do I start ovulating? Do I have to start ovulating once I have had a baby to get pregnant? Do I have to have a period? When do i get my period? When after i have a baby can i get pregnant again? I bought an ovulation kit lastnite, and took one lastnite, and one this morning, and both said I wasnt ovulating yet.. So basically i just need a lot of questions answered.. I need to know WHEN or HOW i find out if Im pregnant again without asking the dr. She'll think i'm a complete horndog if she suspects im pregnant again prior to only giving birth a month ago!! So PLEASE IM BEGGING FOR SOME ANSWERS!!!! Thank you ALL very much. I hope you dont fall asleep reading my long long story. lol. Talk to you all later!!
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