To anyone trying for a VBAC!*updated*

Are you pregnant again after having preeclampsia once already in a previous pregnancy? Post your thoughts/concerns here - there are others who share your feelings. This is also the home of our Bedrest Buddies Support group.
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Re : To anyone trying for a VBAC!*updated*

Postby nborrayo » Sat Jun 17, 637656 6:32 pm

Yikes! That is very interesting. I have been taking EPO since before I became pregnant, and now I am taking a baby aspirin daily (one of the drugs they warn against combining with it). Thanks for the information! I will be asking my Doctor more on Friday - meanwhile I will stop taking it.

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Re : To anyone trying for a VBAC!*updated*

Postby youtan » Sat Jun 17, 637656 2:29 am

You've sparked my curiosity, so I went on a search for more about the uses of EPO in pregnancy. A few red flags went up, especially for our gals with pre-eclampsia and underlying conditions. Please read: ... &cid=HTALT
Specifically, there is a warning about interactions with certain medicines used to treat or prevent blood clots.

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Re : To anyone trying for a VBAC!*updated*

Postby fiona » Sat Jun 17, 637656 2:12 am


thanks for the tip. However, studies have shown that EPO actually does nothing to shorten or improve labour, BUT does increase the risk of premature rupture of membranes (and increased infection risk), oxytocin augmentation, arrest of descent, and vacuum extraction.

Just a reminder that because something is natural, it doesn't mean it is safe.

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To anyone trying for a VBAC!*updated*

Postby jwalker327 » Sat Jun 17, 637656 12:17 am

I just wanted to share some info with all of you trying to get to term and doing a VBAC. Evening Primrose Oil capsuals these little oil filled pills are great to take orally 4-6 a day depending on MLs I'd have to look that up. But after 34wks it is safe to insert vaginally to soften the cervix it doesn't dialate you or begin labor so no worries there. [;)] Well I just wanted to share the info [:D]......

March 28th,
My personal Dr told me it is for inducing labor naturally ( which the midwife I spoke to said it was only to soften my scars on my cervix) And for it not to put me in labor that I would have to had taken the pills since I was 20wks or less. I told her I didn't wanna hurry labor just to soften my scars...she told me to have sex and lots of don't want to go into labor @ home cause I would never make it to the hosp to have the baby if I have to drop my kids off then wait on ughhhhhh! She said that it does interact w/ asprin and that whoever is taking it should not be on any meds for BP or Blood thinners. She said to ask your personal dr if it is ok with them for you to take these!!!![^]

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