Are you pregnant again after having preeclampsia once already in a previous pregnancy? Post your thoughts/concerns here - there are others who share your feelings. This is also the home of our Bedrest Buddies Support group.
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Re : cramping

Postby lucy » Sun May 15, 637672 1:32 am

I believe I had cramping as well if it would make you feel better you could always head into the Er just to be checked. Good luck.

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Re : cramping

Postby mommajo » Sat May 14, 637672 10:35 pm

I'm also about 5 weeks along right now with my 2nd and the symptoms seem more noticeable to me this time around maybe because I recognize them better now. I have had more nausea this time and I feel more heavy down in my uterus area. I feel twinges and flutters every now and then. I hope your cramps aren't too bad. I think you should go to the ER if they are more than a nusance. Good luck!

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Re : cramping

Postby amym » Sun May 01, 637672 2:32 am

I also had a subchorionic hemorrhage that caused me to spot for six weeks (from week 6-12). I never bled red blood, nor was it ever heavy. But I was told that it is possible to do so. The hemorrhage is usually visible on an ultrasound.

I hope things turn out OK for you and your baby.

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Re : cramping

Postby alexp » Thu Apr 21, 637672 8:04 pm

I did - in fact, I did not know I was pregnant until I went to the doctor to find out why I was having a month long period and learned I was 7 weeks pregnant. I bled and cramped until about 14 weeks. In my case, the cause was a subchorionic hemmorage.

I hope everything turns out okay - please keep us posted.

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Re : cramping

Postby issa » Thu Apr 21, 637672 11:31 am

I am about 6wks preg now.
Thursday, around 3pm, I started bleeding. It was light spotting, but there was blood. I tried to stay calm, but by 5:30, I had terrible low back cramps, just like my period usually feels. I took Advil just because I thought for sure I was miscarrying. I know you should only take Tylenol when pregnant, but I really thought it was a miscarriage. That evening, before I went to bed, I found that I had stopped bleeding. Since that night, I haven't had cramps and no more bleeding. I feel really bloated, but that is it. I went to the doctor on Friday. He did an ultrasound and seen that I was still definetly pregnant. The gestational sac is still to little to measure how far along I am. So I had blood work to help determine, which I won't know the results until maybe tomorrow. I am on edge. I hope everything will be fine.
Anyone else have bleeding enough to fill a pad? The doctor said it could be a miscarriage coming on, but I will know if I am miscarrying. I guess it feels like really bad cramps and lots of bleeding.

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Re : cramping

Postby mommy1st » Mon Feb 01, 637672 4:30 am

I had cramping with my son, it was in the very beginning of the pregnancy. Which it always seems to be. I was told and also read about it that it's your uterus stretching giving room for the baby for the next 9 months. If you are still pretty worried I would either call you OB's office or go to the ER.
Best of luck to you and have a nice long boring pregnancy!!!

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Re : cramping

Postby nborrayo » Sun Jan 31, 637672 5:13 pm

I also had cramping in both pregnancies - no bleeding though, and it was fine both times. I remember thinking that it couldn't be implantation because it lasted too long, but both times, there was no problem with it. I hope that helps, but it also wouldn't hurt to call the Dr.

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Re : cramping

Postby alexp » Wed Jan 20, 637672 2:48 am

My experience was almost exactly the same as Sue's. It was so nerve wracking...I found that tylenol and a warm bath helped, so did a heating pad set on low (of course, it's always a good idea to ask your doctor what is safe for you to take or use).

I think the morning sickness is a good sign too! :)

I hope you are feeling better and more securely pregnant soon.

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Re : cramping

Postby timelessbeauty » Tue Jan 19, 637672 6:47 am

I have been pregnant 7 times and I have always felt cramping in the first few weeks and it was explained that it was at the time of Implantation. Feels like menstrual cramps but nothing comes of it (AF is on vacation for 9 months). And yes it is possible that they feel worse with each pregnancy but my hope is that it doesn't for all of you. :-) If you have morning sickness to boot, I would take that as a good sign! :-)

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Re : cramping

Postby heather j » Tue Jan 19, 637672 5:16 am

Hey Jane,
I'm almost seven weeks and experiencing the EXACT same thing. I keep nagging Dh about it saying, "are you sure I said I had bad cramps with Nicolas?" and he's like "yes, you were thinking you were about to start." So I've kind of relaxed a bit now. Weeks 4 to 6 were the worst, but now it seems to have slacked off considerably. I have an u/s on Tuesday, so I should hopefully get an all-clear then. Will you be having one soon? I do hope the cramps subside; then mental anguish is awful!

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