1/12 appt update

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1/12 appt update

Postby ann marie » Tue Jan 13, 2004 08:39 am

Hi Everyone,

The appointment yesterday went well. Here's the update.

The good news....the baby is 2 lbs 11oz and looked perfect on the US. He's actually measuring a bit big for his age which they are happy about.

The bad news...the cardiologist and OB put me on Toprol in the hospital which was not the drug the peri wanted me on. She feels being on Toprol is the reason, at least in part, why my BP and pulse are so labile and why I have been feeling so lousey. She stopped the Toprol and put me on Atenolol I think she is right because I am feeling better today than I have since being home from the hospital and my BP was 128/74 and pulse was 78...a world record for me.

We also went on the NICU tour. It was much more home like than I had expected (for a NICU that is). They cover the isolettes with handmade quilts and the lights are dimmed. They have 4 seperate rooms with 6 babys each in them...so it doesn't feel so impersonal. The NICU nurse made me feel so much better when she asked how big the baby was and I told her she said "oh that's such a good size already." It was very reassuring.

Thursday I go in for more labs and my first NST. I'm also getting steroid inj to help the baby's lungs on Thurs and Friday.

Thanks so much for all your encouragment and support. It has helped more than you know. I'm 28 weeks today...yipee!


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