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Re : today's apt --probable loss

Posted: Mon Feb 07, 637678 9:15 pm
by akemt
To answer the likelyhood of it just being too early: The sac measures 6 weeks and a few days and we are at least that far along by dates, probably closer to 8 weeks. Either way, at 6wks+ there should be a fetal pole (clump of baby's tissues) visible...or even a heartbeat. It is possible it is just early (thus the tests and waiting), but it isn't very likely. Thanks for the thoughts and prayers.

Re : today's apt --probable loss

Posted: Mon Feb 07, 637678 9:08 pm
by lany
Catherine, I don't have any experience with a D&C. I just wanted to chime in and say that I'm praying for you and your family. Hopefully the labs will come back with good results. Sending {{{HUGS}}}

Re : today's apt --probable loss

Posted: Mon Feb 07, 637678 8:43 pm
by missgamecock
I'm so sorry Catherine. I don't know anything about waiting it out. But I have had an emergency d&c before. If you want to know details of the procedure. Just let me know. Keeping you in my prayers and hoping it turns out ok. You were not sure when you conceived were you. Coule it just be too early?

today's apt --probable loss

Posted: Mon Feb 07, 637678 8:20 pm
by akemt
Well, the doctor thinks I've got a "blighted ovum" since we couldn't see a fetal pole on ultrasound. She ordered two HCG's (should get final results Friday) and said if they weren't conclusive, she'd do another U/S in a week or so.

As this wasn't a planned pregnancy and we didn't have much time to get excited, the loss doesn't seem quite as real --though it is disappointing. We were getting used to the idea and starting to plan, etc. I think dh is more upset than I am, though it is hard to tell when a man never cries...

So, should it be confirmed as a blighted ovum, do you have any thoughts or experiences to share on D&C's vs. waiting out a m/c?

Thanks for all the well-wishes. Should things go as they appear, I'll save them all for next year!