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Re : Some reassurance

Posted: Thu Jan 22, 2004 11:12 pm
by taras mom
That's great, Lauren![:D]

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Re : Some reassurance

Posted: Thu Jan 22, 2004 06:12 pm
by twolfgram
That's great, Lauren. It's so nice to hear a story where the doc is actually listening to the patient and helping. There have been so many bad posts lately, I was beginning to lose faith in the profession!

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Some reassurance

Posted: Thu Jan 22, 2004 06:01 pm
by evansmom
Just wanted to let everyone know I spoke to my OB about how I was feeling (lousy) being off my BP meds and he was sooo understanding. He reassured me that if I continue to feel this way, there are some safer alternatives in the same family of meds I was on that should help. I was afraid I was overreacting and he would think I was crazy, but he totally reassured me that we would be able to help me feel better with (hopefully) minimal effect on the baby. What a relief!

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