Chloe Oliva

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Re : Chloe Oliva

Postby kathyc » Sun Feb 04, 637973 2:57 pm

Wonderful news!! I am so happy for her!! Congratulations and welcome baby Chloe!!

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Re : Chloe Oliva

Postby jodlb » Sun Feb 04, 637973 2:29 pm

Thank you all so much, you are right she they so deserve this!!!
I will make sure Heather hears your kind words!

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heather j
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Re : Chloe Oliva

Postby heather j » Sun Feb 04, 637973 12:10 pm

Thanks for the update(s)! Send Heather our love and congratulations! This is such wonderfully happy news for all of you! Tell her we miss her and can't wait to hear from her!

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Re : Chloe Oliva

Postby paige_va » Sun Feb 04, 637973 11:02 am

What wonderful news!!! Heather must be over the moon!!! Please give her our heartfelt congratulations and a big hug!!!

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Re : Chloe Oliva

Postby sonja » Sun Feb 04, 637973 8:26 am

Congratulations - that is a great birthday - it is my oldest dd's! I hope that you are all home together soon.

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Re : Chloe Oliva

Postby mommy1st » Sun Feb 04, 637973 6:35 am

Congratulations to the family and welcome to world baby Chloe Olivia!!!

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Re : Chloe Oliva

Postby amym » Sun Feb 04, 637973 6:18 am

That's great news! Pass along my congrats.

jana m
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Re : Chloe Oliva

Postby jana m » Sun Feb 04, 637973 5:36 am

What absolutely wonderful news! I am so, so happy that Heather and baby and family finally got the happy ending they so deserved.

Her name is beautiful! Please send her our good thoughts.

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Re : Chloe Oliva

Postby jdsmom » Sun Feb 04, 637973 5:08 am

Wow! What great news! Glad you all made it to the hospital in time! Sounds like Heather and Chloe are happy and doing well. Send Heather our love and congrats; we've missed her here but are so glad to hear the good news!

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Re : Chloe Oliva

Postby missgamecock » Sun Feb 04, 637973 3:50 am

WOW welcome Chloe and Congratulations. You deserve it!!!

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