The end is near - Updated

Are you pregnant again after having preeclampsia once already in a previous pregnancy? Post your thoughts/concerns here - there are others who share your feelings. This is also the home of our Bedrest Buddies Support group.
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Re : The end is near - Updated

Postby kathyc » Thu Dec 25, 637975 4:52 am

Way to go Joanna!! It is so encouraging to see stories like yours. Can't wait to read that your little man has arrived.

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Re : The end is near - Updated

Postby mommy1st » Thu Dec 25, 637975 3:58 am

Congrats on making it to full term, that is awesome!! I LOVE hearing good news like this on the preggie board!! Way to go can't wait to hear when you little guy comes.

jana m
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Re : The end is near - Updated

Postby jana m » Thu Dec 25, 637975 2:03 am

Good for you, Joanna. I hope that however much time you have left before your c-section that it is smooth sailing (if bedrest can be considered smooth sailing!).

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The end is near - Updated

Postby mommajo » Thu Dec 25, 637975 1:00 am


I had a doctor appointment today and it went pretty good. My BP was acceptable while laying down. I've been on bedrest the last few weeks and it seems to be working. I had another NST and it went well and was reactive. The doctor and I talked about dates for my c-section again. It is currently scheduled for April 25th which would put me at 39 weeks and 1 day and I asked if I really have to wait that long. He said this Saturday he is on-call at the hospital and that if I come in then with elevated BP he will deliver me. I also started another 24 hour urine test today and if it comes back at 300 or greater he said he will deliver me right away. The protein in my 24 hour tests has been at around 250 the last 3 weeks so I don't know if it will go up or not. MY BP goes up and down so I don't know if it will be high Saturday but I feel better knowing that the end is in sight and he isn't going to make me wait if he can find a reason to deliver me. I made it to 37 weeks today and I am very pleased with that. No preemie for me. [:D]


Update 04-13-2007
Well I was a little afraid I would be delivering the baby today, Friday the 13th and I thought to myself well if he comes today I can always name him Omen, lol.

It looks like we will be trying to have a baby tomorrow. I will be going into the hospital and if my blood pressure is high which it has been lately then the doctor says he will go ahead and do the c-section. I will be 37 weeks and 4 days pregnant so this kid will have exactly one week longer of baking time than Elijah did. At my doctor appointment today I was having contractions show up on the monitor but I didn't really feel them. I'm not dilated at all. If the baby is born tomorrow he will be sharing his birthday with my nephew Andrew who is turning 14.

Wish me luck for tomorrow and any prayers you want to send my way are always appreciated. I'll will update when I get home from the hospital. [8D]

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