Back Again!

Are you pregnant again after having preeclampsia once already in a previous pregnancy? Post your thoughts/concerns here - there are others who share your feelings. This is also the home of our Bedrest Buddies Support group.
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Re : Back Again!

Postby Guest » Sun Jan 24, 637982 6:10 pm

Congratulations! This could become the December club it looks like :) I'm due Dec. 27 (w/ my fourth!). I hope we all have boring pregnancies this time around!

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Re : Back Again!

Postby 5thtymachrm » Thu Oct 25, 637979 10:38 am

Huge congrats Anika!! We'll be having babies close together again :o)

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Re : Back Again!

Postby sonja » Fri Oct 12, 637979 9:33 pm

Congratulations - here is to a smooth pregnancy!!

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Re : Back Again!

Postby jenndola » Thu Oct 11, 637979 11:23 pm

Anika, I just saw this and I'm so excited for you! I'll be pulling for a nice, boring pregnancy for the next 7 months. Congratulations!

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Re : Back Again!

Postby tracey » Tue Oct 02, 637979 2:22 pm

Congratulations, Anika! That is wonderful news.
Looking forward to reading many many months of healthy updates.

for faith
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Re : Back Again!

Postby for faith » Tue Oct 02, 637979 6:37 am

Anika - Wonderful news, congrats!!!! Wishing a wonderful pregnancy!!!

rachel a
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Re : Back Again!

Postby rachel a » Tue Sep 18, 637979 4:33 pm

So great to have you back and with such great news!! Congratulations!!

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Re : Back Again!

Postby fiona » Sun Sep 09, 637979 4:40 pm

Anika, great to have you back and bearing such good news. I can't believe Jada is 16 months already.

Cogratulations and here's to a long and boring pregnancy.

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Re : Back Again!

Postby angelkat » Sat Sep 08, 637979 3:25 pm


WOW Congrats to you!!!!!

i am very happy for you and your family!

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Re : Back Again!

Postby amillhouse » Sat Sep 08, 637979 3:00 pm

Thanks, Ladies for all the supportive messages. I really appreciate you. Glad to report that my blood pressure is great (I am a faithful procardia user) and the nausea is passing. Getting through a cold will be happy to be on the other side of that. My due date is 19 Dec 07 so we are very close to each other[:D]. I have to have a c-section so baby will be born about a week before as my gynie likes to do c's at 39 weeks. Started low dose aspirin this week just like I did with Jada, at 10 weeks. Oh, and Jada is great - beautiful and full of personality!

Thanks again! Your support is helping to calm my nerves!

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