Vivian Bliss is here! Early, but good

Are you pregnant again after having preeclampsia once already in a previous pregnancy? Post your thoughts/concerns here - there are others who share your feelings. This is also the home of our Bedrest Buddies Support group.
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Re : Vivian Bliss is here! Early, but good

Postby michellelhuston » Mon Mar 25, 637985 8:42 pm

Congratulations! I hope that her NICU stay is short! Welcome baby Vivian!!!

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Re : Vivian Bliss is here! Early, but good

Postby catherine » Mon Mar 25, 637985 4:11 pm

Congratulations Sara! I've been there on the PPROMing twice and remember in vivid detail all the wierdness, sniffing etc! Your post made me laugh out loud. I'm sorry that you are going to have to wait a little while to bring Vivian home, but you'll all be together as a family very soon.

rachel a
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Re : Vivian Bliss is here! Early, but good

Postby rachel a » Mon Mar 25, 637985 3:59 pm

What great news! Early but good! I will keep you both in my thoughts and prayers!!!

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Re : Vivian Bliss is here! Early, but good

Postby bhesseling » Mon Mar 25, 637985 3:38 pm

Congratulations! I will keep little Vivian and you in my thoughts.

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Re : Vivian Bliss is here! Early, but good

Postby michelle_chandler » Mon Mar 25, 637985 12:14 pm

Congratulations on the birth of sweet little Vivian Bliss!! Praying that she'll be coming home with you soon.

Take care of you, Michelle

jana m
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Re : Vivian Bliss is here! Early, but good

Postby jana m » Mon Mar 25, 637985 9:13 am

I am so happy you and Vivian are safe. The NICU is a tough place to be, but it sounds like she won't be there for too long. Enjoy every second with her and take care of yourself.

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Re : Vivian Bliss is here! Early, but good

Postby mnmom » Mon Mar 25, 637985 7:05 am

Oh Sara, congratulations on your baby girl. What a birth story, huh? I hope you are able to take her home soon. And I agree that holding them and watching them sleep is just an incredible feeling. Share some pictures soon, ok?

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Vivian Bliss is here! Early, but good

Postby sreeve » Sun Mar 24, 637985 7:45 pm

Well, I certainly didn't expect to be writing this post for a few weeks yet, but Friday morning, my water broke at home. My husband had left for the airport about an hour before for a short business trip, and wasn't picking up his cell phone.
After making sure it was amniotic fluid (sniff test, checking the "What to Expect" bible, etc.), and trying not to panic, I drove myself to the hospital. Luckily, I wasn't experiencing contractions, and we only live a few miles from the hospital!
After getting to L&D, the nurses swab the fluid, and the swab, which is supposed to turn blue, doesn't. They ran the swab under a microscope, and it didn't "look" like amniotic fluid. At this point, they think I'm just overreacting. Husband finally calls -- he got the messages just as he was about to board the plane! and he's on his way over. The resident decides to do an ultrasound to see if there is still plenty of fluid. Husband arrives. Ultrasound looks like the fluid levels are fine, and doctor discusses sending me home, since everything is obviously fine. Doctor gets called away to another birth before finishing scan.
I know I didn't just pee the bed, but I don't know how to convince them. And then I feel more fluid leaking. I call the nurse, who sees it leaking and says it does look like fluid. But the swab still comes back negative. So they run it under a microscope again, and this time, they confirm that it is amniotic fluid!
At that time, things started to move rather fast. All of a sudden, husband is given a blue jumpsuit, booties and a hair covering and we're going in to surgery.
So, Vivian Bliss was born on Friday, June 29, at 10:43 a.m. at 34 weeks, 2 days, weighing in at 6 lbs., 2 oz. No PE or HELLP this time, just an unexplained preterm rupture of fluid. She's in the NICU, which was very hard to deal with for the first couple of days. I'm starting to accept it now, especially since I've been able to see her and hold her. She's having issues with lung maturity (no time for steroids) and some light jaundice, but all things considered, she's doing really well. We know she won't come home with us right away, but we hope she won't be in for more than a couple of weeks.
It's been a rough ride, emotionally, with my baby Eliza's birthday/angel day only a few days away (July 4), but at the same time, I feel like she's a part of everything that is happening. And as sad as I am about Vivian being in the NICU, I know what the worst is, and this isn't it.
This whole experience hasn't been what I expected, but holding her in my arms as she sleeps is the most wonderful feeling in the world, so I'll take it.

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