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Re : How close/didn't develop PE again?

Posted: Sun Mar 14, 2004 09:28 am
by pugmommy7
I too am home with my first:)
I initially went back to work, and grew increasingly unhappy. So, after a major budget rehab., I am here with my daughter and very happy.

That was a MAJOR stress reduction. Although I am sure increased stress is certainly not helpful to people with our tendancies toward pre-e etc., I know that that is not what CAUSED it.

(Just like when I try to explain to my DH over, and over, and over,... *That salt restriction, and exercise, are not the best thing for this type of hypertension. If anything rest is best for me.
Many people cannot get past the pre-concieved ideas about hypertension and see that this is very unique.)


*unless of course, one is on special direction from their Dr.;)

Mama to Bella,1/02/03, born 33 and 5/7 weeks at 3 lbs,6oz.Pre-E and PIH,& HELLP.
Babygirl #2,EDD 6/24/04

Re : How close/didn't develop PE again?

Posted: Sat Mar 13, 2004 04:17 pm
by mintmommy

I went through alot of stress with the first one because at the time that I became pregnant, I was teaching 5th graders and a State Test was to be administered so I felt like I was under soooo much stress. Then, during the summer, my husband and I decided to open a new business and so that added more stress. Now, with this pergnancy, my only stress is taking care of my first baby, which, to me, the stress does not compare to the kind that I had with the first pregnancy. I feel much more relaxed now. I eat better foods now, drink lots of water, and drink a soda about once every 2 weeks sometimes I just take a sip of my husbands soda to stop the craving. My first pregnancy, I ate everything and anything that I craved to the point where I would stuff myself! And those are only some things I changed.

Did you do anything different with each pregnancy. That is, did you take precautions with the second one given that you had experienced PE with the first one? Did you make any changes to your lifestyle (eating, environment, etc...)? If so, what did you do?

Take care and congratulations on your pregnancy!

Fredo born 10/25/03 at 35 1/2 weeks - PE
Pregnant again EDD - 9/19/04

Re : How close/didn't develop PE again?

Posted: Fri Mar 12, 2004 06:27 pm
by 3preemiekidz
All my kids are close in age. My first 2 are 15 months apart, my second and third are 17 months apart and this one will be 18 months apart if I go to term. With my first I got preeclampsia at 35 weeks, with my second I only made it to 29 weeks and ended up with HELLP and my third I went to 31 weeks also developing HELLP. My second and third were so hard on me. I was on bedrest at 18 weeks with both of them and all kinds of meds and hospital stays. So far with this one, things are looking good. I'm 20 weeks tomorrow and so far so good. No signs of pre-e. Hoping to make it to at least 34 weeks this time.

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Ezra 2,
Liya 1
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Re : How close/didn't develop PE again?

Posted: Thu Mar 11, 2004 05:41 pm
by mintmommy
Oh God, mine will be about 11 months apart (if my second one goes full term, which I am hoping, of course . . .


Fredo born on 10/25/03 at 35 1/2 weeks because of PE
pregnant again due 9/19/04

Re : How close/didn't develop PE again?

Posted: Tue Mar 02, 2004 07:31 am
by pugmommy7
Mine will be 18 months apart as well.(suprise,#2)
My OB did mention that premature labor was a possiblity because the muscles didn't have lots of time to tighten back up.
As far as the pre-e,pih and hellp, goes, we are doing one day at a time.

Mama to Bella, born 34 weeks at 3lbs,6oz.Pre-E and PIH.
Babygirl #2,EDD 6/24/04

Re : How close/didn't develop PE again?

Posted: Mon Mar 01, 2004 01:32 pm
by meg
I did exactly what you are asking. I got PE with my first at 35 weeks. I got pregnant again when he was only 8 months old. Next pregnancy was prefect, no PE no PIH, no problems at all. Now I am preg again but there is a 2 1/2 year gap this time, I sure hope the bigger gap isnt a problem!

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Re : How close/didn't develop PE again?

Posted: Mon Mar 01, 2004 10:32 am
by akemt
Also, I remember someone (I think it was Anne) talking about a theory that preeclampsia is an inflamatory response and that your immune system needs time to "forget" what happened last time. So, the sooner you get pg after a pre-e experience the more likely your body would be to remember and throw up its guard, so to speak. I beleive the amt. of time they suggested was atleast 1 year between birth and a new pregnancy.

That said, my children will be 17 months apart if I go full term (for some reason my brain was thinking 18 months...not a math genius obviously! LOL). My husband and I want to be able to plan our family's future a bit better and we felt that if I did have a problem this pregnancy, that it was better to have our first two close (for their sake, and partly ours) in case we end up only having two children.

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Re : How close/didn't develop PE again?

Posted: Sun Feb 29, 2004 07:26 pm
by laura
Hi Sandy- From what I understand, having babies close together might not be the best way to go- the organ damage and vascular damage that preeclampsia causes probably should heal before you get pregnant again- at least that's the opinion of one of the docs:

hope this helps!

Moderator/AK Coordinator

Mom to Alicia (severe PE) 5/98 and Camille (htn, oligo) 4/03

How close/didn't develop PE again?

Posted: Sun Feb 29, 2004 04:59 pm
by sandy
Please forgive me if this has already been asked and answered. I have just done a search and looked a good deal and have not found a discussion about this...(or please point me in the direction if a thread exists)

I noticed a post recently that got me thinking, and I can't stop thinking about it: Could spacing pregnancies close together after having PE in the first create a more desirable (no PE) situation for the second pregnancy? And if so, how close is close enough?

1. Did you have PE with one of your pregnancies, and then become pregnant again with the next somewhere between 4 months and 12 months or so afterwards and not develop PE again? 2.What was the spacing between the two in this case?

[:)] Thank you.

~Sandy/DD born via emergency C at 35 wks. June '03 due to Severe PE/chronic HBP/asthma