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3/1 Update

Posted: Mon Mar 01, 2004 12:22 am
by ann marie
Hi Everyone,

I'm just back from the perinatologist. The baby looks good. He passed
all his tests this morning. The dopplers look better so I don't have to say on my side all the time...thank goodness! My fluid, BP and pulses are holding steady. No protein in my urine:) They are estimating his weight at 5lbs 2oz
which is right where he should be now. He's still breech so we are planning on a 3/17 c/section. 15 days from now! Yipee. The perinatologist said he still may need some time in the NICU, but we won't know until he is born. If he does it shouldn't be too long.

That's the news from here on my little shamrock. Not long now!

Ann Marie
EDD: 4/7/04-Boy-Luke Matthew
c/s 3/17 (37 weeks)
34 weeks (35 tomorrow)
13 weeks bedrest
pe/low amniotic fluid