What is normal procedure for inducing?

Are you pregnant again after having preeclampsia once already in a previous pregnancy? Post your thoughts/concerns here - there are others who share your feelings. This is also the home of our Bedrest Buddies Support group.
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Re : What is normal procedure for inducing?

Postby bhesseling » Fri Nov 04, 637988 1:50 pm

I didn't read the other posts so forgiving me if I'm repeating anything lol...but I was told the same thing. I couldn't believe that w/ my history of severe PE and HELLP (and how quickly it came on) that they wouldn't induce at 37/38wk, esp since my BP had started to go up a bit. But, I guess when ya think about it, it does makes sense - since there's no real reason for them to do it...it could open them up to malpractice suits too I suppose if they did induce for no reason and something happened w/ the baby. I don't know - just my theory.

Hang in there! Good luck to you![:)]

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Re : What is normal procedure for inducing?

Postby blythe » Fri Nov 04, 637988 4:18 am

I was all for the "inducing before things get scary", too - but your situation sounds stable so far... One thing I've learned is that GD slows down lung maturity in the baby. Giving babe a few more days could prevent a NICU stay, as long as you're "just" chronic htn. In your shoes I'd want to be induced, too, but at the same time I understand why your docs want you to wait. Hang in there!

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Re : What is normal procedure for inducing?

Postby heather100 » Fri Nov 04, 637988 12:05 am

My doc said the hospital has a policy here of no inductions prior to 39 weeks if there are no complications. I do often think of what Heather above did and that does sound like a good option to prevent things from happening in those last 2 weeks.

Good luck with this!! I know it must be very frustrating!!! I bet it is SO scary to be in those last few weeks.

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Re : What is normal procedure for inducing?

Postby heather j » Mon Oct 24, 637988 4:24 am

The peri group I saw with DD, offered inductions/repeat sections at 39 weeks pending no medical reason to do it sooner, *unless* the patient (me!) consented to a fetal lung maturity amnio at 37 weeks, which I did. I had my second at 37 weeks, and only because of my history -- I was having no complications with number two. The last few weeks in pregnancy are just plain torturous. Talk to your doctor on Friday and see what she can do for you! Hopefully, get that baby delivered!

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Re : What is normal procedure for inducing?

Postby trish » Mon Oct 24, 637988 1:42 am

Like you I was induced right at 37 weeks because of sudden pre-E. But even at 37 weeks my DD had a big head and was "stuck". They tried vacuuming her out and couldn't get 2 different suction things to stick. Ended up with a big episiotomy. YUCK!
For my next one my Dr. said right from the beginning that she wouldn't have me go past 38 weeks. I was on bedrest for PIH for the last 7-8 weeks prior to that so I was really ready at 38 weeks for her to be OUT! She came out with 3 pushes - whew!
With this one she has reiterated the 38 week mark. I have exisiting HBP and am already on meds for that. Plus my AMA status and having had pre-E previously I am just hoping to get anywhere near 38 weeks.
Good luck to you. I know every day feels like a week at your point but it really is almost over!!

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Re : What is normal procedure for inducing?

Postby catherine » Sun Oct 23, 637988 11:11 pm

Michelle, this is the great frustration of being high-risk, but not being "sick". If all your issues are under good control, then the odds are high that they will not induce before 39 weeks. If you aren't experiencing worrying signs or symptoms of a developing problem... then you are supposed to stay pregnant! The other factor that you might not be aware of is that sometimes hospital schedules have specific days for elective inductions (which yours would be) and so that may be influencing the chosen dates.

That said, you can do several things. Firstly, be watchful. Stuff could happen to change this picture and it might happen rapidly. Stay on the kick counts etc. Remember, you are so close to term that it is possible that any slight worrying change could move up the schedule.

Then you have the option of trying to see if you can contribute to the process. Eggplant, "fooling around" with DH, walking up and down sidewalks... these are all relatively harmless and fun ways to see if you can bring on labor naturally.

Or, you can netflicks some long tv series or borrow some huge trilogy from the library and see if you can get it all in before your baby comes. That will do one of two things, cause your water to break (in my case I was going back that evening for the last of a special three days in a row showing of the Star Wars Trilogy and 10 years later I still haven't seen the last of the three in its entireity) and put you in labor, or you'll be so engrossed that the time will fly by.

This is the part when every day lasts 48 hours, but at least you won't be going over 40 weeks.

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Re : What is normal procedure for inducing?

Postby onesock » Sun Oct 23, 637988 11:02 pm

My doctor was great about this...I just flat out told him that I was scared things were going to go south and I would rather not press my luck(this was at 37wks) I did have to have an amnio for lung maturity, but he asked me "how much longer do you want to be pregnant?" I am sure you can imagine my answer! I guess some doctors want the baby in as long as possible, but with your history, it surprises me that they are pushing it. Maybe if you tell her how worried you are, maybe ask for an amnio? I was always under the impression that 37 weeks was being considered within term? I don't blame you at all for your frustration :( What frustrates me the most is that I have seen women with "normal" pregnancies induced at 37 wks for the silliest things! GRRR

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What is normal procedure for inducing?

Postby michelle630 » Sun Oct 23, 637988 9:26 pm

I am so frustrated. I just had my weekly appt. and was told that they could not induce before 39 weeks without a medical reason. For anyone who has been induced is this typical procedure in someone who has had pre-e before or has chronic hypertension? I had been under the impression that they were planning to induce at 38 weeks because of the fact that I have CHTN and GD. I am 37 weeks and 2 days today. My bp was good today at the office, has been. I told my Dr. I will go out of my mind if I have to wait another 12 days! She is on vacation next week when I will be 38 weeks. She says she is going to speak to her other colleagues about pushing it up by a couple of days so I would be induced at 38.5 weeks (next week). I have to wait until Friday for an answer which is when I go back for a bp check. Don't get me wrong, I am so grateful to have gotten this far with no complications. I just feel like I am constantly waiting for the other shoe to drop. I don't want to have to wait until things "get bad" for them to do something ya know? Things have been different with this pregnancy, I have very little swelling this time around and I have only gained a couple of pounds this time which I attribute to the GD diet. Thanks for letting me vent :)

DS Dylan born 4/29/2003 - induced at 37 weeks due to sudden pre-e
DD - Actual due date 9/3/07, induction planned right now for 8/27 or 8/28 (hopefully sooner!!)

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