Cause for concern?

Are you pregnant again after having preeclampsia once already in a previous pregnancy? Post your thoughts/concerns here - there are others who share your feelings. This is also the home of our Bedrest Buddies Support group.
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Re : Cause for concern?

Postby halo79rn » Fri Nov 04, 637988 1:42 pm

have you had any vision issues since your first child was born? or is it just in the last trimester of this pregnancy. Pregnancy can affect vision... even in a normal pregnancy. Are you swelling? Having any pains in your upper abd or back?
How do you feel when your b/p is at 120/80. With my first pg, I ran 90s/60s until the last half of the pregnancy... it started climbing... at 32 wks it was mid 130s/ mid 80s (it made me feel awful, I don't tolerate a b/p up that high well, have headaches and feel rotten in general)... between that, a 7lb weight gain in a week, a ton of swelling to my hands and face... my ob became concerned... did not do a 24 hr urine, dipsticks were normal. Now that I look back, I wish I would have requested it. I started seeing flashing lights and having more and more intense headaches and feeling bad over the next few weeks. Gained about 20lb over a 4-5 wk period, more swelling. When they ordered a 24 hr urine, my dipstick was still "fine" but the 24hr urine came back 1050 for protein. eek. In one week my dipsticks went from OK to 3+ and my 24 hour protein level escalated quite a bit. I was induced starting at 36wk 5d.

Given your history... I can understand your concern. With this pregnancy, I've remained around 100/60s... with a couple of jumps into the 120s/ upper 70s.... and I have had blurred vision.. but have been doing well overall. I did have vision problems for months after my first pg and never got an eye exam b/c of a move and stress. My ob wants me to have one after this delivery. I'm comfortable with where I am right now. My suggestion to you is that if you are not comfortable with what you're seeing/feeling, explain that to your OB and request the 24hr urine and appropriate bloodwork. If your OB says no, then reiterate how you're feeling and ask for a second opinion. If it's requested, in my opinion, given your history, it seems they would grant you the testing.
Good luck.

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Re : Cause for concern?

Postby bhesseling » Fri Nov 04, 637988 1:42 pm

When I hit 37/38wk my BP started to rise. My baseline before and during pg was in the 100/60 range and by later in the pg it was in the 125/85 range. Once it got to 145/98 and I went in for bloodwork, which came back fine. It went down then but still not too much. As long as my urine was coming back fine, the drs were ok w/ things. Not to say that they weren't watching me closely but besides the BP, I never had any other symptoms of PE. I stopped looking at my weight gain so not sure about that.

I'd say you're ok but do whatever your gut tell u! Good luck [:)]

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Re : Cause for concern?

Postby trish » Fri Nov 04, 637988 11:02 am

I never spilled protein (dipstick only) but I was on bedrest for BP issues and was then induced at 37 weeks for pre-E when I had abdominal pain (at the top of my uterus) and was hyper reflexive. Plus my BP was like 190/110 or something.
Maybe you can tell your OB you want a 24 hour urine test to rule out spilling protein.

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Re : Cause for concern?

Postby onesock » Fri Nov 04, 637988 4:58 am

No, I don't think so...I would make sure and reiterate to your doctor what your "normal" BP's are, because I think your numbers are high enough over your baseline, not to mention your symptoms. Have you had a 24hour urine and other blood work for liver enzymes and kidney function? (I have heard many ladies on here say that the dipstick urine is not a good indicator of protinurea.) If not, I would definetly request them! I don't think you are being overly paranoid at all...I would give your doctor a call! If he refuses to run the tests, just ask them to make sure that your request is documented in your chart...he will probably change his mind.
Good are so close! Keep listening to your body and your gut :)

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Cause for concern?

Postby celestehime » Fri Nov 04, 637988 2:57 am

I'm almost 38 weeks now on my 3rd child. It was about this time with my last pregnancy I was induced because of pre-eclampsia. With that pregnancy, I was blind sided, my bp had been fine as had my urine, then I was suddenly sent to the hospital after routine tests.

This pregnancy I've kept an eye out for symptoms, and I've had several of those listed on the site here- but my urine is coming back clean still, even though my bp is higher than what it normally is. Pre-pregnancy is ran about 90/60, after pregnancy it ran about 100/60- occassionally getting to the 110 area if I'd been really stressed. the other day it went up to 122/83 which isn't all that high, but for me it tends to be. since then it's been hovering a bit below that- 119/75 118/73 that type of thing.

I've had blurred vision on a few occassions to which about half my vision is blocked. I'm normally a tiny person and don't gain much weight with pregnancy in fact, now I only weigh about 120, but 4 of those pounds were put on in 5 days, the week before I gained 3 pounds- typically I don't gain this much weight at once.

Of the symptoms listed on the site I've had at least 5 of them not including the bp issue. I feel like my concerns are being ignored at the doctor though because no protein has shown up in my urine.

Am I being overly paranoid?

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