Need some prayers!

Are you pregnant again after having preeclampsia once already in a previous pregnancy? Post your thoughts/concerns here - there are others who share your feelings. This is also the home of our Bedrest Buddies Support group.
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Re : Need some prayers!

Postby leftcoastgirl » Fri Feb 21, 637992 5:45 am

Congrats!!!! How exciting! I know that feeling of being exciting and scary all in one. Welcome over here and have a happy and healthy 9 months. =)

You are taking the exact same supps that I'm taking...

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Re : Need some prayers!

Postby rsgeller » Fri Feb 21, 637992 1:15 am

Thank you so much to everyone! I really appreciate all your words of encouragement and support. I know they are 100% heart-felt and they mean so much! And this forum has been such a saving grace to me. I had my first OB visit yesterday and I was able to go in armed with information and educated enough to ask several tough and important questions. Thank you so much!

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Re : Need some prayers!

Postby froggie89 » Thu Jan 30, 637992 12:42 am


CONGRATS! Wishing you a long, boring and pe-free pregnancy! Like the others have said, try to take it a day at a time and relax. I know - easier said than done. Keep us posted on how y'all are doing.

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Re : Need some prayers!

Postby lany » Wed Jan 29, 637992 4:38 pm

Congratulations on your pregnancy! I know it's easier said than done, but try to relax and enjoy your pregnancy. As for dealing with the stress, I suggest coming here to this forum as often as you can. The support system that is displayed here is like none other. There's plenty of women here who have "been there and done that." I find comfort in sharing with them as I know the responses are genuine and sincere. Sending many prayers that you will have a long and boring pregnancy.

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Re : Need some prayers!

Postby itsmaya » Wed Jan 29, 637992 8:28 am

Hello Rebecca, Congratulations for your pregnancy. Just relax and send all the positive thoughts to your baby. You are doing all the right things.

My prayers for you and your baby. Have a long un eventful pregnancy..[:)]

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Re : Need some prayers!

Postby mom2ella » Sat Jan 18, 637992 6:25 am

Okay know I can't not post a reply as if we don't talk every day. You know I'm ecstatic for you and I can't wait for Israel's little brother or sister. You've really gotten me through my darkest days since losing Ella. My sanity (what's left anyway) comes from knowing Israel and Ella are playing together in Heaven every day and sending us good luck. Can't wait till I can post on this forum too. I'm thinking of you all every day and can't wait to meet with those fat and healthy babies!

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Re : Need some prayers!

Postby ajsmom0406 » Fri Jan 17, 637992 6:54 am

First let me send a huge hug and congrats to you and your family. I agree 110% with sam about the double edge sword of pregnancy after you have had a loss. I am also pregnant after having had a loss and I think what gets me through is God.

In my last pregnancy I spent a lot of time angry, frustrated and stressed out because it wasn't planned and occurred on birth control pills. The timing wasn't right... I was trying to get to nursing school... I was trying to start losing weight.. etc.. I think the thing that I have come to regret, the loss of course first, was spending that precious time with things that weren't nearly as important. This time around I'm cherishing every week, milestone, right down to the moment.

I love this forum because there are so many women who have been through so many things and still they stand. They stand helping each other, pushing forward despite how they feel and what they have been through... determined to make tomorrow a better day!

Because I don't know and will never know what tomorrow will bring, but I do know that I can love my daughter, my angel CJ, and my baby within NOW!! I can let them know every day I get a chance that Mommy will always love them and feel their love in return.

If you ever would like to chat or anything I'm also open to e-mail, messenger, or whatever. If not, good luck to you and I look forward to any updates you post.

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Re : Need some prayers!

Postby celticepona » Thu Dec 26, 637991 7:05 am

Hi there, Congratulations and take a dep breath. Sending you prayers, and just try to take one day at a time. I understand you being scared. I am too, but just hang in there and follow doctors instructions and try to stay as calm as you can. I've had to slow myself down significantly from the hectic life I had over the summer, so just go easy on yourself. We're here for you.

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Re : Need some prayers!

Postby imemc3 » Wed Dec 25, 637991 8:40 am

I am praying for you! Emily sends prayers from heaven!

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Re : Need some prayers!

Postby sam » Fri Dec 13, 637991 7:14 pm

rebecca lots of prayers winging their way to you, congratulations on your pregnancy.

i have no notions on how to get through the stress, because i felt the same blind panic when i found out i was pregnant in april this year.
it's a double edged sword, it's the thing you most want more than anything but it is also the scariest thing to face head on.

you just have to try (easier than it sounds i know!!)take each day as it comes, and as that day ends you are one day further along (i am not gonna lie but some of those days feel real looongg! but equally others just whizz by)

i wish you normality and boredom

i wish you all the best, keep us posted

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