have reached my big milestone!!!

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for faith
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Re : have reached my big milestone!!!

Postby for faith » Sun Apr 19, 637992 8:20 am

Sam - Congrats on the milestone, I so remember that feeling!!!! I so understand your mixed feelings too, it was very hard for me to buy anything or plan anything until Dylan was here. So glad you are positive, I agree get the necessities and whatever you feel up to.

Can't wait to hear about her in your arms!!!!

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Re : have reached my big milestone!!!

Postby klynn » Sun Apr 19, 637992 12:17 am

Congratulations! I understand the whole milestone thing! My husband and I decided at 30 weeks that we needed to act as though this baby would make it. It was hard, but has gotten easier over the last 6 weeks. You are not alone, good luck!

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Re : have reached my big milestone!!!

Postby heather100 » Sun Apr 19, 637992 12:05 am

Wow, Sam!!! CONGRATS on reaching this milestone! I'm so happy for you!! Great advice above on buying items!! I think do what you feel you can handle and don't worry since you won't need much right away!!

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Re : have reached my big milestone!!!

Postby sam » Sat Apr 18, 637992 8:25 am

thanks ladies for your advice, where would i be without you all xxxx

catherine i agree marks and spencers have the cutest stuff, and not only do they have pants to fit lil chloe, they even do pants that fit my big ol bum lol.

Julie i too feel like you did, i really want to shop! and i AM having a baby and i am trying not to let Jake's pregnancy rule this one, especially when everything is very different so far. I do feel optimistic and positive but there's always an element of what if?

again thanks for all your good wishes everyone xxx

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Re : have reached my big milestone!!!

Postby katevans » Wed Apr 08, 637992 5:37 am

Congratulations on being the most pregnant!!! What a huge milestone. Kaitlyn was born at 28 weeks, so that was my milestone. I didn't buy anything for Tommy until I was 30 weeks, and I wouldn't let my friends give me a baby shower until 35 weeks. I ended up having Tommy at 36weeks/7days due to PTL so don't wait to long :) I was able to "enjoy" my pregnancy with Tommy more after reaching the 28 week mark, and continuing to get good reports from my Peri. I wish you the best with Little Miss.

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Re : have reached my big milestone!!!

Postby celticepona » Tue Apr 07, 637992 9:53 pm

Congratulations Sam!!!

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Re : have reached my big milestone!!!

Postby suz7171 » Tue Apr 07, 637992 9:49 pm

Yeah Sam!!! What a great day!

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julie f
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Re : have reached my big milestone!!!

Postby julie f » Tue Apr 07, 637992 9:16 pm


Congratulations on hitting this milestone. And I agree, come on Christmas...![:D]

I was very cautious to buy for the better part of my 2nd pregnancy. I wanted to so badly but was leary just like you, I did buy things here and there but they were little and I kept it all to myself. My best friend wanted to throw me a baby shower but I thought it best to wait until after the baby was born. Then somewhere around 29 or 30 weeks when things were still going great I thought - "I want to buy stuff, I want a shower, I want a nursery... I'm actually having a baby!" Bless her heart, my friend threw a shower together in two weeks and we started to get ready for baby. Dh still wasn't too sure on doing the nursery but I think that started to come together around 32 weeks. On the last week of my pregnancy, when we learned we'd be having him on Monday, my Mom and I met at Target to get things - that was really the first time I felt like a normal mom who was going to have a baby and be able to bring him home - I wish I could bottle that feeling!

You're right, it's different for everyone, you'll know what is best for you. Whenever you do start shopping though - I hope you enjoy the heck out of it!

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heather j
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Re : have reached my big milestone!!!

Postby heather j » Tue Apr 07, 637992 7:54 am

Congratulations, Sam! I'm with everyone else about just the basics; besides ... you can always order online from your hospital bed [:)]! I bought some items after Ella was born that way.

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Re : have reached my big milestone!!!

Postby mama2twins » Tue Apr 07, 637992 4:54 am

Congrats Sam!!! Quite coincidentally, today is ALSO my milestone day and I know exactly how you are feeling to pass this day and know that the baby you are carrying is the biggest baby you've ever carried!
I am due Dec 21st, but will be having a c-section on Dec 11th if all continues the way it has been.
Take a deep breath and enjoy that this day has passed and that are doing just fine. Congrats again!

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